Friday, 2 December 2011

"special microclimate?"

Being a palm enthusiast in the PNW, you often hear the words, "I have a really good micro-climate."  I have often wondered, is this just wishful thinking or is it true.  I have often held myself out to have one of those climates. We have large overhanging trees that often wards off frosts, we have trees and houses blocking the easterly winds, and until this morning there were trees to the west of us leaving just southern exposure and sun.  But how much of a difference does it really make?  Well, I resurrected my thermometer and weather system and have been monitoring just how "micro" my micro-climate really is.  Am I just full of crap?! Well, I'm happy to report, the airport on December 1st recorded -1.5C (29F) while I was 0.5C(33F).  This morning at 8am the airport was 2C (36F) and I was 4C (39F).  I don't say this to brag, because in my opinion those are saaad saad temperatures, and its often colder at airports weather stations; that being said I feel a little more justified in my "micro-climactic"claims.  Do you have a "special micro climate?"  I feel like I have been upgraded from full of it to only slightly crazy?!

In the meantime, I'll enjoy some morning sun and my "special" diggs.


  1. That's enough of a difference to keep a plant happy vs a pile of mush so you should be bragging! Unfortunately we're in a cold pocket of inner NE Portland...if I knew then what I know now I don't think we'd have bought this house...

  2. Kinda like your "what if" scenarios! I always play that within my area. I would def. choose west van if I could. There are solid zone 9a locations there! Being inland in the Fraser valley you have to be in a good spot to get away with my kinda gardening

  3. Hi, Louis. My wife and I are thinking of moving to Chilliwack within the next couple of years. I would really like to do some kind of exotic gardening but I guess Chilliwack isn't really the best place for that, is it? I'm primarily interested in growing Trachycarpus, Yuzu citrus, and bananas. What do you think?