Tuesday, 18 December 2012

foot in mouth - "winter? say what?"

Twas the week before Christmas, 
When out of the sky, 
Some dandruff was falling, 
While sleeping was I.

When up I arose from my slumber with care, 
I looked out the window and cried a sad tear.
For out of my window with a sad sad surprise, 
The dandruff was sticking on roofs quite close by.

I put on my sweater, 
I let out a sigh, 
I went out to see the dandruff from sky.

I looked t'ward the neighbours, 
All snowy and cold,
The dandruff had covered the roof,
Darn the cold!

I remembered my words, 
"Winter? say what?"
Reality struck me, 
It's just my luck.

But then something flickered,
The leaf of a plant, 
Not covered with snow, 
Not even a scant.

I looked to the palms, 
All happy and green, 
A microcosm of warmth, 
Had set them a sheen.

I remembered the trees, 
The wise old sages, 
They keep me quite warm, 
and buffer winter storm.

Filled with relief, 
I let a shriek, 
"No snow here today!"
I said with glee.

My heart warmed, 
As I drunk my coffee, 
I made it through winter snow one, 
without harm.

Then out from sky, 
something grand appeared, 
Golden and glistening,
Glorious sunshine!

 I said to the dandruff on roofs,
And like in a dream, 
The temperature rose.


  1. What a beautiful, well written, and funny poem Louis! You have many, many talents. Thank you for sharing that. And cheers to no snow damage!

    1. Thanks! I have to find some way to deal with the snow and cold. After I posted this it started snowing again! But again no sticking .... Yay!!

  2. What a fun poem!

    We had quite the snow flurries here too, just about the moment I would get worried it would stop. And then start again. And then stop, and then start again. Nothing ever stuck but it sure was looking wintery for awhile. They're hinting we might really get some tonight...

    1. The snow hit here over night last night. And now there is about half an inch on the ground. It's falling as rain/snow right now. So in other words it's that nasty slippery sloppery gloop. It's funny because the street and everything is all covered, but the backyard ... bare and green!!! YAY!

    2. Okay, tell the truth. You've got a big bio-dome over your backyard right?

    3. That's my dream!!!! I could only dream of a giant bio-dome. I suppose 100ft tall ish trees act on similar ways

  3. That is just how I feel about snow - it's lovely, useless, damaging stuff!
    Your Trachys will be fine in spite of snow, though.

    1. Yes!!!! And you're right about the trachys. They just shrug it off.

  4. OMG Louis, this is too funny! It didn't show up in my reader for some reason and I missed it earlier. Glad that the snow is gone now for both of us and let's hope that's it for the winter!

    1. Humour is the only way to cope with cold. It's either that laughing or crying. I hope so tool!