Monday, 6 February 2012

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

what a glorious weekend!  For me, it came just in the nick of time.  I was seriously considering buying one of those sun lamps.  You know the ones for people who can't seem to cope with winter. Yes, thats me.  But sometime last week, more and more weather models were predicting not one day of sun, not two, not three, but a legitimate stretch of mild sunny weather! Phew!  So, in true fashion, I headed out to the beach to soak up some of the rays.

On sunny winter days, Vancouverites are found in a state of euphoria - myself included. and why not?! With views like this, who could resist?

English Bay is one of my favourite areas in all of vancouver.  It feels more so mediterranean than anything.  It was in fact here where it all began for me.  That is, the moment I spotted my first ever canadian palm tree!  So I feel a kind of connection to this place.  It has that nostalgic draw.

People say, the grass is always greener on the other side, and well, at English Bay, the plants certainly seem happier.

Like how these palms seem to reach for the sky!

I particularly love how they are grouped together! Palms love company.  That is one lesson I have learned over the years... whats better than one palm tree ... at least three!

A closer look at the ground around them reveals just how happy these palms really are.  They have babies!

I think these guys love it just as much as I do.

That might have been close to the face I was making while enjoying the sunshine an palm trees.

Like I said, who can resist?

The Canadian Riviera!

This new planting has a kind of sleek sophistication. I love the combination of black mondo grass and windmill palm.

And of course you can always find epic container gardens at English Bay

Wishing you all warmth and sunshine!


  1. We were in Vancouver one American Thanksgiving weekend and there was a big sports event in town that weekend so there were lots and lots of Canadian tourists too. Your temperatures weren't that different from what we were used to at home in Portland but it was November for goodness sakes so we were bundled up. Everywhere we went, along the bay, Stanley park, downtown were people dressed like it was July. Then someone clued us in that Vancouver is Canada's L.A. and when the rest of the country comes for a visit they enjoy the balmy conditions. Your beautiful pictures reminded me of that weekend.

  2. Thanks for the great, "palmy" shots! Having visited vancouver BC once, I wish we would have gone where you went. But nonetheless, your area is certainly turned onto horticulture to an unusual degree in North America...especially N of Phoenix, E of the Cascades, and W of the Mississippi! Creating an exotic, enticing look with adapted plants is needed so much. Thanks for the imagery!

    Danger's comment about how people dress for different places more than the weather is true...people from Denver (and lately Abq), often bundle up below 70F (gray, gloomy trees dominate both cities in winter), but when they go to San Diego, they sit out in summer clothes at 65F (palms, bougainvillea, little gloom in plants)!

  3. It's soo true about people's clothing choices here. There is a combo of parkas and flip flops. I spent a year in Sarasota Florida where I observed similar peculiar clothing choices. Floridians dressed like it was the ice age when temps dropped below 70f. It's amazing how that all works.

    If you guys ever come back to van let me know and I'll chart out the best spots!