Tuesday, 14 February 2012

fun with tillandsias

First off, happy valentines day! Today has been a happy day indeed! It all started with coffee ... what day can be good without coffee?!  But then, I went to visit a good friend of mine - who had just been to Southlands nursery - who gave me a goody bag of tillandsias, moss and a fun glass container!!! To make things better, we were on a mission to see Cedar Rim Nursery after being closed for what can only be described as an eternity (in reality just a couple months).  They had undergone extensive renovations and were just re-opening.  They didn't seem to be quite "set-up" yet so unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures, but from what I saw today, it's going to be epic.  I was most impressed with the kids gardening area which was stocked with more Tillandsias!! apparently they are for the kids at heart!

Here's my shot at tillandsia arrangement

They always seem like sea creatures to me... so placing one in a shell just felt right - not to mention the seashell has palm trees etched onto it!

I'm not really up on my tillandsia identification - anyone know what this large one is?

one of the Cedar Rim additions :)

This makes me smile!

I can't wait for the weekend forages for some great driftwood or something to display more of my tillandsia friends!

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