Friday, 30 March 2012

The replacement....

So I have had this dilemma. How do I replace my late Cordyline Australis Red Sensation. Below is a picture of it in its glory last september.  If you have been following my winter blues, my muchly beloved cordyline fopped over and died!  So I've had this dilemma, what to replace it with?!

Though I do lament the loss of colour contrast, I think I have a new plant obsession. Yucca gloriosa variegata!! I got this beauty for 50% off last weekend and drum roll.... It is the replacement.

I said before, my natural inclination is new zealand flax grass or another cordyline (which I do already have on hand) ... but I really don't want another plant protection project.

 I think it adds a more desert"esque"look to everything.  Not only that but just a few feet away is my other newly planted yucca gloriosa variegata.  For now, all cordylines will remain potted or treated as annuals... as much as it pains me.  What other plants do you all think I should add this year?

One random yet happy plant purchase for me was this patio peach!! It is one of those genetic dwarf varieties. Not only do I love peaches, but I also love the foliage on peach trees and am very excited to pot this up!!!

But for now, I'll leave you with this.  Don't let the sunshine and blue skies in this photo deceive you.  It represents a mere reprieve from the relentless days of cold drizzle.  Here's to hoping for more sunshine... we certainly need it!


  1. I think the hardy, soft-leaf yuccas are great ideas over NZ flax! Sunny wishes up there.

  2. thanks for the sunny wishes. It looks like sometime next week we'll get some sunshine. I agree with the yuccas too. Sadly, there is really nothing quite like a good new zealand flax but you have to be right near the water for them to be considered long term plants. I have a couple that I keep potted and put into an unheated shed on the coldest nights of the year and that seems to be enough protection. Ill just enjoy them that way

  3. The whole time I was in the Bay Area I found myself pointing and commenting on their luxurious NZ Flax. I still miss them.

    Yuccas rock though!