Sunday, 15 July 2012

July bloom day

Well its bloom day again! really?! It's so hard for me to even accept that.  We are already mid point of the best month of the year?! And it's no lie, blooms are not that prominent in my yard.  I really do like flowers.  I feel like I may have misrepresented myself.  Maybe I should work on the bloom day lovin in the years to come.  But for now, here are some of the blooms in my yard...

Double hibiscus

Echeveria just started blooming.  I love the way the way these seem to come out in every which way direction.

Sempervivum hens and chicks are bloomin' all over the place.  This one is in more shade and I love the way it seems to be reaching out towards the sunshine.

most of the sedums are actually past their prime already. The hot weather over the last few weeks seems to have been the end of their blooms.

But thankfully the yuccas are just starting to do their thing! This one bloom stalk is actually so heavy its pulling the plant over.

I can only imagine that this is a schefflera bloom?! I was pretty excited to see this.  I still have not decided what this schefflera actually is. Maybe S. Hoi?

Happy July Bloom Day!!!!!


  1. Sounds like your incantations for summer worked! Very nice sprays and splashes of color among the bones of foliage, quite Asian in effect, yet bold.

    1. Thanks! Theres a bit of Asian in most of us PNWesterners - style wise that is. There was actually a while where I thought south east asian was my favourite of all styles. That slowly morphed into a more tropical mediterranean love.

  2. Wow that double Hibiscus is to die for! And a Schefflera bloom!!?? How lucky are you! (incidentally I think your on to something with the idea it may be a Hoi, I'm no expert but from what I've seen it seems plausible)

    1. Incidentally it belongs to the worlds ugliest hibiscus standard. It is all spindly and awkward looking ... but it has the most incredible blooms pretty much year round. When that bloom was finished it was given quite the hack job. We'll see if that will help it look a bit more presentable by fall time when it has to come inside.