Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Vancouver Aquarium Amazon birdhouse

Recently I had the opportunity for a day of fun at the Vancouver Aquarium.  While it doesn't have much to do with gardening, they have a really fun birds of the Amazon exhibit inside a tropical inspired solarium.  And while most people hate the heat and humidity of this section of the exhibit, I truly felt I was at home.  There's something wonderful about opening the doors to that wave of moist hot air. I might be one of a very small group of people who likes that, but seeing as the rest of the aquarium was air conditioned to an extreme degree, I was all the more happy.

They have an amazing collection of butterflies that live in amongst the jungle foliage.  They are always fun.  If you're lucky - or a butterfly whisperer as in the case of my niece - they will choose you as a perch.

I love the way they have made it look wild in here. Fitting with one of my most favourite statements: "it's a jungle out there!"

But most of all, I was smitten with all the bromeliads hanging in the trees! I am becoming such a bromeliad fan.  Not that I didn't love them before, but rather, I am loving them even more than ever.

And of course they would have beautiful tillandsias.  This one looks so green and healthy.

One of the many birds...  I was more interested in protecting myself from bird poop than looking at the birds themselves.  This one seemed to be looking at me right after pooping on someone's head, "you're next!" (Yes, I am mildly terrified of birds)

Yes, I need some bromeliads!

And so ending my journey through the birdhouse I thought I would share a goodbye photo from Second Beach.  Because lets be honest, I can't go to the aquarium without meandering down to the beach!!!!


  1. Beautiful! Even noticed a couple of palms. Did this remind you of your time in Florida?

  2. Oh yeah!!!! If not for my inability to get the next days off at work I had planned to be on the beach this very weekend. Oh well. Everyone gets their time in the sun.

  3. Better planning would have meant planting the perfect tree in which to place a few Tillandisa and other Bromeliad, maybe next time. I can always hope to get it right next time...

    1. I was given the idea of putting fascicularia bicolor in my trachycarpus fortunei which sounded fun. I'm unsure what other plants like that we could get away with!?