Friday, 20 September 2013

New Plants! The fun continues

Seeing as it is still officially summer, I thought I needed to do some celebratory plant shopping. Why not? This is, after all, my season. It was about a year ago that I made proclamations about the year of summer. And it really was. More than anything I have learned how summer is a way of being. That is, flip flop wearing, zonal denial, shorts and t-shirts, care free music and getting your hands in the dirt as much as possible! And so with that, I continue the predictions of more summer. I think this time it's the decade of summer.

Either way, I thought I would share some of my summer loving plant purchases! And to me, nothing says summer more than the red hot flowers of hesperaloe parviflora 'brakelights.' This plant has been calling to me for quite some time. And I realized, why resist?

You might remember the variegated euonymus ground cover that used to sit here. Gone! This is a much better change. And can you spot the smaller agave to the back left of the hesperaloe? Thats my new agave parryi 'JC Raulston!'

I must have been in a particularly prickly mood because that same day so too came home this new dyckia 'grape jelly.' This fierce little guy was on the 40% off table at a favourite nursery and so I couldn't resist.

Yikes, its getting dangerous to pull weeds in this section of the yard!

And in the same fierce spirit, albeit slightly friendlier to humans, sarracenia 'dixie lace' found it's way home with me too. I feel like I maybe should have prefaced everything with the fact that it was a hot sunny day. The weather has mysterious powers in making me purchase new plants.

But check out these beautiful pitchers!! With all that color and detail I couldn't resist.

Have you been giving into any new plant lust temptations?! Do share!


  1. Decade of summer...I like it!

    I can't recall seeing 'brake lights' available around here, not that I need another Hesperaloe! As for giving into plant lust temptation of course. I've bought quite a few good things this fall and also came home with a few freebie (scavenged) opuntia and yucca from New Mexico. Pictures to come soon on my blog...

    1. Oh that's exciting!! Free us always fun. Looking forward to reading about it.

      Brake lights is a cool hesperaloe, it's much smaller, more of a true red flower and doesn't set seed very often so they say blooms last longer. I'll see if this is as good as it sounds! I'm lusting after a yellow one!

  2. I have some quite dangerous areas to weed in as well. Fun! I have a 'Brake Lights' red yucca in a pot, but it's not looking so good. I do love the blooms when they're happy, plus that cultivar stays smaller than the standard red yucca, which can achieve monster size around here (TX).