Tuesday, 15 November 2011

bloomday - or lack thereof

So its bloomday and there are very very few blooms in the yard! If it were decaying blooms day, then this would be easy. But alas, there are a few things that are still kicking.

Geraniums have not been fazed by the cool weather.  I appreciate that about them. Though entirely ordinary, they seam to handle heat and cold better than many other annual flowers.

I forget the name of this plant, but it seems to think its spring?

"Old Faithful" that is what I choose to call my fatsia japonica.  When everything else in the yard seems to wind down in the fall, fatsia just begins its show.  I can't say enough about this plant.

I love how glossy this foliage is too! It's my version of a tropical philodendron!

salvia elegans... apparently the flowers are edible... maybe a salad garnish!

This little rose has been flowering non stop since may and is super fragrant!

I know, this is not exactly blooms... but its sure a picture of whats going on in the yard.  I just can't believe how fast those darn leaves are piling up on the patio!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by our Bloom Day post! You still have some nice blooms happening. As a former zone 5A gardener I feel so spoiled here in San Francisco.

  2. Now that you say it (tropical philodendron) I realize I've kind of always thought of my Fatsia japonica in that way too....

  3. Megan- thanks! are you guys a cool USDA zone 10a in San Fran? either way I'm sure its a garden lovers dream! :)

    Loree - fatsia remind me of the philodendrons from a few years ago when I was in Sarasota Fl. so lush, so tropical, so right! It's an anchor plant for me.