Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nov 1 ... 1st frost

I have always said, "Halloween is the turning point," and this year that couldn't be further from the truth.  This morning was the first frost in my backyard.  Up until this point, there has been patchy frost in some of the colder frost pockets around town but nothing in the yard.  Despite this, things are still looking great... thankfully!  But in true fashion I decided it was time to embrace fall.  What better way than agave garden cloche shopping?! I tried many, I repeat many places in search of a fictitious belle shaped garden cloche that I had in my mind. funny how that works!  After what seemed a completely unsuccessful day, it hit me... winter garden cloche/ springtime terrarium!!!  And there it was, the perfect terrarium glass bowl (I don't even know if you call it that).  And whats better, it cost just $9.99, exactly one third the price of my intended budget.

so its not exactly what I was looking for, but the promise of a springtime terrarium project brings me exceeding amounts of joy!!  It actually was a beautiful day to be out and about.  And check this out ... a great friend of mine joined the agave club!!!  Check out her great plant taste....  agave ovatifolia "frosty blue!

And one of my favourite plants right now, yucca gloriosa "bright star!" I am really excited to see this great yucca more and more in garden centres throughout the area.  It has such striking foliage.  This one even has a similar appearance to agave desmettiana variegata. 

I am really trying to embrace this november/fall/winter mumbo jumbo in a new way this year.  My friend Becca and I went out for a walk in the local park and crunched our way through all the great fall leaves... thats right, I just said great and fall in the same sentence ... this is new for me. 

I'll admit, it is quite beautiful...

but there was a little more in it for me... Arbutus, ceanothus, lavender, and blue fescue grass

mmm... can you smell it?! Lavender never cease to amaze me. It's november and this thing was going to town like it was summer!!

I feel like I made a breakthrough today, trying to embrace fall that is.  We'll see how long this lasts :P 


  1. What's happening to you? FALL LOVER! (those are swear words 'round here...)

    This is only my opinion so may be worth ignoring but if I were you I would't leave your agave cloche on 24/7, my thinks it will rot that way....

  2. hahaha... trust me ill hate fall again in the next couple of days... its all apart of my never ending cycles of denial. thanks for the advice on the cloche, I actually really appreciate that seeing as I have taken such a love to this little agave! maybe ill reserve it for torrential downpours and arctic outflows... I'm hoping that we wont see either of those this year... but given the past few winters all bets are off.

  3. It's the lack of air circulation that worries me...if you could devise a way to raise it a bit off the ground that would be good...