Monday, 14 November 2011

How do you deal?

How do you deal with the "w" word ... winter that is?  I have been asking myself this for the past few days now.  Essentially, how will I cope with yet another winter swiftly upon us.  My natural inclination is to look back to the last days of summer, when everything was in its full glory.

I look back to summer evenings along the water...

wishing summer would never come to an end.

Dreaming of a world without fall, winter or early spring (late spring is okay in my books).

But inevitably the sun will set on summer.

So what do you do? Do you plan tropical vacations? Usually that follows in my decision process.  If winter is thrust upon us in the PNW, surely Hawaii or South Florida is not all that bad.

So I dream of great snorkeling...

unforgettable diners on the ocean,

Spectacular vistas,

enchanted water falls,

and all the wonders of an exotic island getaway.

Though it may relieve the winter blues and "fill the sun tank," as I like to say, inevitably, the sun does set on tropical vacations too.  There will still be a whole lot of winter to deal with.

We can try to get inspired by our own natural wonders.

 If you're like me, you'll brew never ending pots of tea and purchase hand warmers in bulk... You'll also dream of spring, reminding yourself that some years, winter ends early.

you'll remember that bananas can grow in February,

you'll remind yourself that palm trees always exude summer

and maybe this year you'll be playing beach volleyball in February.

Or maybe you will start to make plans for next years garden.  What will change? What plant lust will come home with you? Will it be another agave?

Or will you plant succulent art?

Whatever it may be, however it may look, the question remains, "how do you deal?"  I for one am not ready for the "w" word.  Bananas got chopped down, burlap is on hand for emergencies, but my heart, my summer loving heart, is not ready for winter.


  1. Oh gosh...I guess I deal by denial. The blog helps, being able to look back at pictures of the garden when I can't remember it looking alive! Plus having many of my plants in the basement, kind of makes laundry day like being outside on the patio (okay that's really a big fat lie). There will be several nursery visits over the next few months, to dream and pretend. Lastly having taken a wonderful desert trip in October gave me a million fabulous photos to sort through, I can relive the vaca over and over. Thank god there is the NWFG Show and the YG&P Show in February....

  2. I think denial is a big part of it for me too! I'm thinking of heading down for the NWFG show this year... Sadly, I'm most looking forward to the Van Dusen botanical garden plant sale in may! MAy?! I can't wait that long! But there are plans in the works for some great succulent picture frames... hopefully that will help me get through the winter months.