Tuesday, 25 October 2011

impromptu palm safari!!!!

What a glorious morning! This morning I got up bright and early to meet a dear friend for breakfast and after went on an impromptu palm safari! What else would I do on a morning like today?  I was pleasantly surprised about my findings.  I should say that Abbotsford is no palmy place.  In fact, beautiful yards of any variety are seriously lacking.  Thankfully I have good palm radar!

But first, check out this stunning view of the Sumas flats!!

on a sunny day, Abbotsford is one of the most beautiful places!  We're even getting some nice fall colour

And the palm trees.... This first one I have known of for quite a while and so I thought it would be a great start to my safari... sorry I was a bit sheepish about getting up close and personal in this neighbourhood.  Notice how tall the palm is though? it is as tall as the garage and extends beyond the railing... 15 feet at least?

I was pretty stoked after the first stop ... and then around the corner - SURPRISE!  I love how fat that palm trunk is!  if only it had some yucca and agave friends!

This one has duck friends! maybe its a new trend, ornamental ducks and palm trees.

This palm is so welcoming!

This next one is a bit of a "where's Waldo"... on the left is a small trachycarpus fortunei and to the right is a potted canary island date palm!  I like their thinking!

UH OH!? I don't think these people expected their palms to survive. I sure hope they sacrifice the roof over the palms in the years to come! Besides the unfortunate issue that these homeowners will be facing, these are amazing palms!

I've been following this palm tree for a while now... It pops out against the dark colour of the house!

The Mac Daddy palm!!! Not only that, but I love the fire engine red door!  

I often forget that I can do my own palm safari in my backyard!!!!

Can you believe it was 40F when I took these photos!? palms literally make things feel all warm and fuzzy!!!

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