Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cedar Rim Nursery!

I decided to jump the band wagon on the praise of local nurseries!  I can't emphasize just how much they are a vibrant and essential part of the local gardening community.  I remember as a young child visiting nurseries with my parents, it was always a magical kind of experience.  All the colours and textures seemed like the tools of an artist!  Cedar Rim garden centre is that kind of place! it never fails to disappoint!  Perhaps cedar rim is most special because its where I got my first palm tree!  I decided to go for a jaunt yesterday morning with a good friend of mine to take in one of my favourite places and hopefully share why I feel Cedar Rim is so special! (apparently the my lens had water on it, sorry some pics are a bit blurred).

These great euphorbias lined the entry way to the store.  Cedar rim always does a great job of enticing you as you walk into the store.

Like with these great garden chairs... don't they just say, come on and take a seat!

and who can resist a sale?! Great way to start a nursery visit in my opinion!

This table is near the entrance to the store and a must visit! notice the agave parryi in the bottom right hand corner?  If its there next spring it will be mine!

Sorry for the blur here, but this pergola houses some of the most extrordinary plant groupings throughout the season.  They seam to pay special attention to matching great foliage plants with beautiful seasonal flowers and interest.  It's kinda a way of saying, "this is whats going on in the garden this time of year!"


Bulbs are in full swing right now.... in a few weeks this will house palm trees coming inside for the winter.

it wouldn't be fall at Cedar Rim without a great selection of cabbages!

This bamboo recliner belongs in the palm garden! ahhhh can I take it home?!

If only this great washingtonia robusta could survive in my yard! (I keep reminding myself, no more winter protection projects!!)

hmmm.... new planters for the garden?

magnolia heaven!

this is my kinda gardening!!! bamboo, eucalyptus, and palms!

hidden in the jungle here is a jubaea chilensis... serious plant lust!

the yuccas I was talking about a couple weeks ago!

This "wheel tree" always catches my attention! maybe another springtime purchase?

this just looks right!

Check out this summer chocolate mimosa! I love the depth of colour on this one.

The fern house is another treat!

and my favourite.... the flax house!!! I have had a couple of bad years with flax and have not had the nerve to re plant them yet.  They still, however, are very tempting!

All is right with the world when you see a grouping like this!

As you can see, this is one seriously amaaaazing place!!!!! I am always soo impressed with their selection and most importantly some of the best nursery staff around!!!! Thanks Cedar Rim!!


  1. This looks like a wonderful spot! Hopefully someday I'll have a chance to pay a visit...

  2. It is such a treat! I go about every other week, mostly just to feel inspired!! I'm sure you'd love this place. A bit pricey but the plants are always really healthy and well cared for. I ran into someone from the gulf islands last spring who came to the mainland just to go get her plants from cedar rim!