Saturday, 8 October 2011

Canadian thanksgiving weekend!

This coming monday is Canadian Thanksgiving!  We have sure been blessed with a wonderful weekend to get our thanks on! The sun is shining here on the southwest coast, the turkeys are a plenty, and the garden is in its full glory!  I thought I would share some photos from this fabulous day!!!!  On a day like today, everyone in the PNW knows, you HAVE to be outside.  I am sure thankful that I live in such a breathtaking part of the world (yes, I know I often complain about the rain and cold).

This fatsia japonica looks happy enjoying some afternoon rays....

all the plants look happy to see the sunshine!

Mediterranean fan palm in its glory

enjoying the bananas before the storms and cold tear them up

flowers are still going strong too!!

This mimosa looks like it is reaching up to touch the sunshine!

mmmm.... sun and palm trees! I love it!

and interesting pot i know, sedum and hellebores ... I kinda like it!

I understand the "blue glow" much more on days like today with this little agave.

We certainly are blessed! I hope you all get out and enjoy the sun while its here!  The countdown is on for pumpkin pie!!!!!

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