Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Praise for Southlands Nursery

On the weekend I had the privilege of visiting one of the most spectacular nurseries in Vancouver, Southlands Nursery.  Anyone visiting this special place is immediately aware of its majestic setting.  Located right by the ocean, just minutes from downtown Vancouver, you are transported into a tranquil enclave of equestrian estates and a garden lovers dream!  Southlands is oozing with charm!  When you enter, there's a feeling of being warmly invited into someone's private garden.  From the very arrangement of plants, to the delightful garden furniture and the best selection of pots and containers, Southlands is clearly a work of love.

I'll take that one!

Great signage at nurseries is a must.  I love how they combine art and personality with obvious function. Southlands is amazing for defining specific garden zones.

Olives!!! I was so happy to see this great little olive tree.  Any nursery that sells olives is a good one in my books!  Can't you just image it now ... olive trees, agave, opuntia, rosemary, a great little bistro table... Need I say more?


Southlands is known for their great succulent containers... and these ones definitely brought me some container garden envy.

DANGER! even more agaves!!! These belong in the Danger Garden

This particular succulent display struck the hallelujah chords with me!! I don't know if I have ever seen anything quite so beautiful!?

If you thought that was good ... check out this great selection of Italian pots!  I have never seen quite the selection of beautiful things in my entire life.

It's even colour coordinated!

Aesthetically, the nursery itself is a work of art!  I found myself struck with awe and inspiration.

Southlands is a must visit nursery for anyone in the Vancouver area.  Where else will you find this kind of beauty mixed with on obvious passion and fervour for plants and design?

If you haven't already been, go! you wont be disappointed!

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  1. Thank you for the link! We visited Southlands just about this time last year, I loved it. They were all running around getting fall decor up, the agaves had mostly been moved to the off limits greenhouse, still there were many things I wanted to take back across the border.