Monday, 17 October 2011

Sun and fun in the city!

What a fabulous weekend!  The sun was shining and I had some really spectacular surprises ... like finding a beautiful public garden next to my favourite local coffee chain JJBean.  Like most sunny days, it all started with a fantastic nature walk/hike through Deep Cove just east of North Vancouver.  This is such a special spot! I have been talking about going all summer long, but for whatever reason it never quite materialized until this Saturday.  I honestly have to say it was well worth the wait.

We were greeted to this fantastic view of the cove...

morning sunlight pouring through the trees...

The "hike"

And the view!!!  I was a little bit Hipstamatic* happy at this point

The day got increasingly happier!  We decided to go back to Maple Leaf garden Centre to get some plants for a friends front garden transformation ... and so I could get another AGAVE!!!! Remember the agave ovatifolia frosty blue I bought a couple weeks ago.  I am now the proud owner of another one!! Here it is after being planted on sunday afternoon.  It is situated where the unkown agave used to be.

As you can see I added a bunch of sand. It is mounded a bit and the soil beneath it flows away from the plant.  I'm hoping that will be good enough drainage.  Thankfully there are huge trees behind that actually keep the ground around here really dry.

The garden I "discovered"turns out to be the park and Tilford gardens.  They have an amazing selection of plants!!  The garden was divided into specific zones but overall was incredibly lush and inviting.  here are some of my highlights... 

loquat! I really want a loquat tree and so it makes me greatly excited when I see just how great they can thrive in our environment!

What great garden is complete without a palm tree!?! notice the elongated fronds? This palm is situated in a fair amount of shade which causes the fronds to literally reach more towards the sun. It makes for a really beautiful specimen.

The find of the day!!! Aloe striatula!  This was under the eaves of a south facing washroom up against a brick wall. Whoever planted it here new exactly where this little plant would thrive!  I love when you can read the mind of the gardener!

I almost missed this on the way out... I know... how can you miss great agaves?!  The planting albeit needs some help, but these are great agaves! I wonder how long they have been there?!

So what could make a great day even better? how about visiting ANOTHER NURSERY?!!?! How about Southlands Nursery ? It is only the mecca of garden centres in and around Vancouver.  Sadly, I had spent my plant budget for the day... but would that stop me? NO!  With much will power and determination I kept my purchases down to just one treasure... yucca aloifolia purpurea!  Here it is in its new pot....

Another view ... it has a fair bit of green and blue as well as a deep purple right in the crown.  I have never seen this particular yucca for sale at any garden centre in the area and have been keeping my eyes open for one.  They also had a great selection of yucca gloriosa recurvifolia "bright star" which I'm already planning a trip back to get some more.

To top it all off, the day ended at the Spanish Banks to walk along the beach and enjoy an epic sunset!  All in all, this day will go down in the books!  #LOVE

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