Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"frosty blue" update

So a few days ago I bought a wonderful little clearance agave... a. ovatifolia "frosty blue."  I had every intention of potting it up until next spring, but the little agave was telling me to plant it.  So out came the shovel, some sand to amend the soil, and some nice rocks from a pond deconstruction project (more to come about that at another date :S).  Let me just say, agave belong in the garden!  I got a little carried away, perhaps it was the excitement, but it felt as though the agave wanted a friend.  Intro moving plants around the yard.  This ended with the thought, "echeveria glauca would look great here!"  Moving echeverias lead to moving sempervivum and taming an overgrown sedum.  Does this happen to anyone else when they bring home a new plant?!?  needless to say, daylight hours were running short (I can't believe how dark it is getting sooo early!) and the temperature was no longer comfortable for my short sleeves and I called it a day.  I wish I would have taken some photos along the way, but alas I was in a garden frenzy.  the result?

"frosty blue" - I like the name, if it's an indication of frost hardiness then I like it even more!

a friend to keep little blue company.

Here's the echeveria glauca that joined the party

Notice the passion vine in the background? I thought it died last winter in the november cold snap but the warmth at the beginning of september brought it back from the grave.

Immediately after coming inside from planting these guys we were hit with a mini monsoon of rain! Poor little agaves!  The palm trees, however, are looking better than ever with all this drizzle.  I have found that all my trachycarpus fortunei really enjoy a good soaking.  They look soo lush this time of year!

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