Monday, 10 September 2012

revisioning the plant lust list.

Well it was another glorious weekend here in the PNW.  Saturday was filled with sunshine and warmth, while yesterday was slightly cooler.  It sounds like an odd thing to be saying (and equally odd coming from me) but we also got some much needed rain.  But I feel entirely pleased that the rain seemed to fall as I was going to bed and was clear by morning - the best kind of rain!! But with all this splendour I got to thinking.  And thinking lead to revisioning some of my lists.  More specifically my plant lust list.  A few months ago I posted about some of the current favourites on the plant lust list, but with some acquisitions and some temperamental changes I have come up with some revisions.

I should start with the plants that I acquired...
-Agave bracteosa 'calamar'
- Chamaerops humilis cerfifera
- Yucca Rostrata x3 (*without a trunk*)
- Cordyline Indivisa - This one is coming next spring if it survives until then. Someone I know has 4 seedlings that he started from seed and has offered me one.
It was a fairly busy summer in terms of plant expeditions. I am so very pleased that I was able to cross off 4 plants from the top ten current plant lust list. Yikes! So what does this make room for? What does the list look like now? 
*red indicates new additions

10. Sabal Minor - Sabal minor has moved from spot number 7 to 10. Yikes, this looks bad. It would almost appear that I have lost favour with this palm. Don't worry. I still am pining after a beautiful sabal but the realization of how difficult it is to get these palms around here has moved it down just slightly on the lust list.

9. Trunking Yucca Rostrata - This one stays! Yes, I bought three of these yuccas this year and I still want one. That is because I want a trunk and I'm too impatient to wait for mine to grow up.

8. Callistemon 'Woodlanders Hardy Red' - I feel like my life is not complete until I plant a callistemon.

7. Agave havardiana - Stays on the list buts moves from 5 to 7.

6. Chamaedorea Radicalis - need I say more. This tropical looking palm just belongs in the palm garden.

5. Brahea Armata - This glorious palm stays on the list and moves from spot number 9 all the way into the top 5! I am just insane over its gorgeous blue fronds. 

4. Melianthus Major 'Antonow's Blue' - Jane from Mulch Maid blog introduced me to this plant and now I simply must have it!

3. Jubaea Chilensis - need I say more?

2. This spot is up for grabs... any suggestions?! possibilities include butia eriospatha, schefflera taiwaniana, schefflera delavayi ... it has got to be epic that's all I know.

1. Nolina 'La Siberica' - Can you believe this plant is virtually non existent in B.C? No nurseries that I can find sell it. No one seems to have it. Luckily for me, Phoenix Perennials is doing a Cistus order in the springtime!!! I think I might have to get a few of them.

How has your list changed this year?! Any new treasures that I need to know about for next spring?! Please tell!


  1. I think #2 is Jubaea chilensis (it's even a contender for #1), and #3 is the "up for grabs". Nice list. We now have some humidity...some. But the 90's are off this week, only 80's and 70's, so I might have to finish off the planting work!

    Is your weather still warm? Seems my past fall visits are nice until October, but then again, your cool, wet weather is nice to visit! And your plants have no problem with it.

    1. I think you are right about jubaea! It's the sticker shock that bumped it to number 3 in my mind, but it's certainly more worthy than the others for #1. Have you heard of 'baby grand' magnolia? That is another contender for me. Monrovia is offering it... I believe staying 8-10 ft high and wide. Could be interesting.

      Things have been nice here. Today was certainly a fall day. Off and on sun and cloud maybe topping out at 70F. But later in the week it will be in the mid to upper 70's. I really notice it being colder at night. You are right about October bringing the changes. The first half of the month is usually alright but by October 31 I have officially gone insane.

  2. I love that you actually have your lust list numbered, what an organized mind you have!

    Glad to hear you are going to be able to source the Nolina, several! I think #2 is just calling out for a Schefflera delavayi but then again I might be biased. And the Melianthus is another must have...the foliage is just so wonderful! And one last comment, NEED a Callistemon and that's a good one! Perhaps you need two though...

  3. I try to have an organized mind. The hard part for me is how budget gets in the way. Like jubaea, after seeing it on a weekly basis and never being able to purchase it, it starts to slip from what would be the greatest lust further down the list. So it changes regularly.

    I am soo excited about the nolina. I think there will be a few plants on my cistus order. Definitely a few nolinas, I will try to get my callistemon, schefflera delavayi, maybe some opuntias, agave havardiana (depending on what is available next spring on their mail order list). In other words the list will dramatically change again!

  4. I hear you on a big mama Yucca Rostrata Louis. I would love one too - budget schmudget. I just bought four BABY babies....I'll take a picture soon. Cant beat $18 each day they will be giants....hmmmmmmm....10 years???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hmmm... mama rostrata ... sounds about right. I love that you bought four of them and I can't wait to see!!! they are such wonderful little garden friends. I hope it doesn't take 10 years!