Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Some things go unappreciated

Some things in the garden seem to go unappreciated. Maybe its just me. And if that's the case, I'm sorry plants! I really do love them.  And sometimes it's not so much about the plant itself but the way the sunlight catches it.  Or the scent as you brush past it etc.  So today I want to show some appreciation where appreciation is due.

One thing that is not appreciated enough is the way the light glows in the sweeping arms of phoenix canariensis. (subliminal messages danger?  I can see some christmas bulbs hanging from there)

Or how the neighbours clematis has found its home in my bananas. It's so jungle like - I love it!

I certainly don't give enough appreciation to this epic rosemary. When I say epic, I mean it. It has the most glorious scent and taste.  When meyer lemon season arrives, this little plant will be "pruned" almost to the ground in the preparations of rosemary meyer lemon lemonade! mmmm!

not to mention its a handsome plant.

Another culinary gem, bay laurel. Everyone should grow bay laurel. Everyone in zone 8 or above that is. I simply cannot imagine my life without a bay laurel. I'm not even being dramatic. It's true.

I don't often get outside in the high sunshine enough to catch the light filtering through this beautiful grass.

Another plant that deserves more garden respect is this blue cedar.

Even the weed otherwise known as the tree of heaven behind it. There is something wonderful about the way it catches the sunlight in the afternoon.

I love bamboozelment, but quite often I don't venture out to this part of the garden to appreciate its graceful presence.

The tropical looking foliage of an acuba is another example of things that are not appreciated enough. It looks more like one of those fussy house plants that are doomed to die under my care.

And while angels trumpet flowers seem to take the show, their luscious foliage is worthy of respect.

Some beloved plants like agave cornelius are loved for their variegation but the graceful curves are what give it drama!

And then theres the chubby arms of aloe polyphylla.  Often appreciated for its mesmerizing spiral, I often forget how beautiful the undersides of its arms are.

There's some much in the garden to be appreciated.

What about you... what goes unappreciated in your garden? Is it a plant? Is it the way the light filters through at just the right time of day? A scent? Please share.


  1. Subliminal message received loud and clear! Can't wait to decorate my CTP!

    As for what I've been over-looking I'm going to have to think on that and get back to you...

    1. I have those really tacky fake christmas tree palms inside. Its a stand with three of them! Last year I hung tilandsias! It was certainly not everyone's cup of tee thats for sure! But I looooved it! Maybe ill get a new christmas palm this year... like a for reals one. I think butia eriospatha! oh that would be epic. (although I took a part time job at Cedar Rim ... maybe this will be the year of jubaea!?)

  2. I like this post a lot Louis and I think I may do one myself now. :) I think what goes most unappreciated in my garden are my established things. Everyone loves babies and toddlers...what about the anchors!?

    1. Iove it! And I can't wait to read yours. Everything is a dialogue after all. The conversation, thought, thread continues.

      I agree with you on the anchors. They Are like the pillars that hold everything up in its place.

  3. I linked you in a comment today - I can't even describe how much I love your rosemary lemonade recipe you shared with me!