Tuesday, 4 September 2012

White Rock BC

Seeing as September is the new August and that Summer is still going strong, I decided it was worth celebrating at the beach!  It is perfect beach going weather actually. Warm enough for an ice cream, cool enough for a coffee, really no one can complain.

I seriously need to plant flax again. I miss it.

These ones certainly have that new planted kind of look. I'm glad they are believing in the milder anti-winter. I am declaring this the return of cordylines and flax winter. I know thats bold but I just have to believe it - for my sanity.

Ahhh... Can you just smell the ocean air?!

The warm sunshine on your face, the smell of salty air, the freshness, the sand between your toes .....

And beach dwellers can be quite the exuberant gardeners.

Check out this choice planter box.

I'm impressed with the pristine leaves of this banana being right on the ocean. But White Rock is one of those magical locales. Hmmm... I could handle gardening on this oceanfront south facing slope.

I love how local White Rockers have embraced palms. They really get the riviera ideals...

Such a wonderful juxtaposition. Not many people imagine palms and Canadian flags.

These people are going for the lush jungle look I suppose! But check out all that fruit in those palms! They must have a small palm forest growing underneath.

I certainly could get used to this view.

And look, this one is for sale! I should go buy a lotto ticket.

When was the last time you soaked up some sunshine at the beach!? Remember, it's still summer, there's time!!!


  1. Way cool! Palms in the great white north eh? Doesn't quite fit that whole Bob and Doug McKenzie image. Looks like you had some fun at the beach! Yea!

    1. Way cool! Palms be lovin' it. It certainly is no Bob or Doug McKenzie image. The funny thing is how local people here still expect it to look like the great white north. Apparently people complain quite frequently about city plantings of palms saying they "don't belong here." To them I say, no you (palm haters) don't belong here. Oh I sense my palm crusade kicking into high gear again. I usually go all Victorian garden, trachycarpus being a classic specimen for traditional English gardens ape on people. And then I tell them how they are perfect for urban settings - hardy, non-messy, don't block anyones view, non-invasive root systems.

  2. Gosh...I really need to get to the beach, soon.

    1. Yes, go to the beach! and take lots of pictures!! I LOVE going to the beach. I think it stems from my love for sunshine and hatred of shoes. My toes like to be free. They like warm sand. I actually feel a sense of panic when I have been away from the beach for more than a few days at a time. Even if its just quick, beach going is a way of living for me.

  3. WHITE ROCK! So pretty Louis - thank you for this taste of home and of course you know my favourite picture - the flag - sniff sniff. I also really love that 'angelina' sedum growing out of that planter. GREAT pictures as always. And did you buy some flax yet?

    1. Thanks! The sedum is stellar.

      Just one flax that I had bought months ago...it was a small thing that was only 2 bucks. I have two other huge flax in pots but I just miss them in the garden.