Monday, 16 April 2012

April Bloom Day

I know I'm a bit late on this bloom day...  but I wanted to share some Vancouver blooms for April!  A few years ago Trachycaprus Fortunei seemed to be the "it" plant.  And while almost every plant install in Vancouver seems to feature a grove of trachycarpus, Euphorbia wulfenii is everywhere these days! Do I mind? No, I love!

One of the most celebrated annual events in Vancouver, the Cherry blossoms.

I love how west coast this scene is... notice the potted Trachycarpus?

But keeping with more blooms, here are some from Stanley Park.

Star Magnolias are putting on a show.

This Camellia Japonica had dusted the ground with an electric shade of pink.

mmm.... a much beloved combination!!!

I snuck this one in because of the red annuals, Not! Actually, I was admiring the cordyline red sensation that seemed to have made it through the winter - unlike my late sensation.

This drive way brought be exceeding joy!  Imagine the possibilities. Great hardscape already in place, a stones throw from the ocean, and merely 20 feet above sea level, sheltered location ... In Vancouver that equates to one of those epic zone 9a spots that the owners can get away with just about anything.

But wait... check out the front!!! (I justify this one based on the containers of daffodils).  I'm thinking a couple of nice agave americana variegata in those pots would be wonderful.


  1. I like your commentary and wish those folks would hire you to redo their plantings!

    1. I wish they would hire me too! It would be exceedingly fun! And I would also wish for an unlimited budget... Which given the neighborhood I think I could swing.