Tuesday, 17 April 2012

foliage follow up

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a foliage fan.  After all, we look at the foliage most of the year.  Flowers, while beautiful, are always coming and going.  Foliage has the "tried tested and true" seal of approval so to speak.  And with a couple of nice weekends things are really coming to life.  

 I absolutely can't wait for my canary island date palm to explode with growth this summer!  I'm thinking of getting a potted bougainvillaea to make myself think I'm somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Without the cordyline australis red sensation, it definitely feels much less sub-tropical back here. But that's okay, I'm actually coming to terms with the changes - though I have three other red sensations planted elsewhere and at least a half dozen in pots.

Phormium "super trooper" - my name for it anyways - is doing great! maybe even a bloom this year?

 I think I shared my excitement last week about finally finding a sedum palmeri!  I have spent far too long hunting for this plant.  Now I'm excited to see it go wild!

If you were to ask my nursery going friend Becca, she would tell you, I have been talking about buying an olive tree for years.  I don't even know what had been stopping me! It just belongs.

I know what you're thinking here, is that a really small garden shed!? No, not really, its actually a massive mediterranean fan palm!

What's that, a new agave?! introducing my newest plant acquisition ... agave parryi huachucensis!

And I just had to share these from Vancouver.  Easily 6 feet tall with about a 12 foot across crown, these dicksonia antarctica are monsters!


  1. "though I have three other red sensations planted elsewhere and at least a half dozen in pots."...seriously? Wow...sounds like something I would do! Love the new Agave! And happy that my Sedum palmeri lived through the winter, last year wasn't so kind.

    1. Oh it's kind of shameful... I just keep acquiring them. About half of them are from last year. I'm glad to hear your sedum palmeri is doing good. They are great!

  2. Love that sedum (how could you not love it)! "GASP" about the dicksonia antarctica! I have dreams of growing those in a quiet, secluded courtyard someday :-)

    1. I know! those dicksonia antarctica are stunning! I heard rumours about them years ago but never saw them until the other day. Downtown Van is easily zone 9a in protected spots like the one where these grow. I have a baby one in my garden that I planted last spring. The fronds died off this winter but there is still some green in it and it feels as though there is tender new growth in the crown.