Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  I hope that everyone is enjoying a nice weekend!  I have always been one of those festive type people. To me, every holiday should be celebrated with lots of good food and of course presents to yourself!  And being that I saved so much money by making my own succulent wreath last week I had my eyes set on a brand new agave parryi.  I had an inclination about a nursery in Richmond  (close to Vancouver airport) that I needed to visit called Phoenix Perennials.  I didn't take any photos because they were still very much setting things up - probably due to our abysmal start to spring.  I was fortunate, however, to be given a tour of the production areas where I spotted some agave friends!  Struck with a moment of incredibly weakness, I bought two!!!!

So without further withdraw, meet my newest Agave Ovatifolia!! 

and my new AGAVE PARRYI!!!! I have been lusting after a nice agave parryi of comparable size for far too long!

Here they are nicely settled into their new homes.

The lounge chairs even came out to celebrate!!!

I also found this wonderful sedum palmeri that I have been hunting for!

It is finally feeling like real spring!  Even the bananas agree!!!

Just when I thought I had gone way overboard with new plant acquisitions.... I came across this wonderful little olive that I have named "Ollie"

Who could resist such a graceful plant with those gorgeous blues and greens! NOT ME!!

What could make all of this even better?! Tickets to a Jamie Durie presentation at Cedar Rim! It's official I'm completely out of control!


  1. Wow you do celebrate Easter very well! Love your new Agave friends and your garden is looking good.

    1. Thanks!! It was almost 70f here which def helped the agave buying cause. I was playing piano and singing at my church which prevented me from going completely overboard... Phew! But guess what?!? The great agave nursery had a groupon!!! That means more wonderful things to come.