Thursday, 16 August 2012

Foliage follow-up!

Happy foliage follow-up everybody! Each month, I eagerly anticipate the foliage follow-up! And what better month of the year than August? Everything is in the height of its summer glory. And I couldn't think of any better way to start than by showing off the newest member of the garden, Melianthus major.... It kind of has a stately presence.

I got out this morning to capture some morning sunshine photos... As I type its already approaching the 90F mark at 10am... its going to be a scorcher.

Schefflera Taiwaniana 'yuan shan.' I've gone back to that name for now...

It's hard to tell, but the overall height of this chamaerops is over 6ft.

Reach for the sky!!! I don't even know how tall the bananas are anymore. All I know is that I have to kink my neck back to look up at it.  This is my best banana year yet!

Yucca rostrata 'sapphire skies.' I love this plant! I have to contain myself whenever I go the nursery not to buy more and more of them.  But the hunt still continues for the right trunking yucca rostrata at the right price.

Bay Laurel... I love having fresh bay for cooking!   But this little guy got some damage last winter.  I think this might just be a bit of a weakling. Hopefully now that its a little more established it will do better.

It's most certainly a jungle back here.

mack daddy trachy

The morning sun illuminates this planting of yucca rostrata, yucca rigida, and of course a couple trachycarpus fortunei.

Well thats it for now. But if you want to check out more great foliage head on over to Pam's blog digging.


  1. Can't you just hear all your sun lovers rejoicing!? I swear some things have grown half a foot in the last 2 weeks! I'm just praying for no more sun scorch over the next two days as we are back up and 100+...

    Love all those palms!

    1. It's soo true! I have been euphoric! except at work when people kept complaining about the heat... Talking about their love of air conditioning and fall. I gave them evil glares and told them they were offensive! That followed with offering to send them to arctic. Hows that for service with a smile?!

      I agree about the sun scorch. Some things are a bit crispy right now... I'm garden/cat sitting this week - super stressful - for family and they have a large victorian style garden that is incredibly thirsty. In fact, got to get over there and get some water on those plants before its too hot! I'm doing everything I can to keep it all alive. I keep thinking to myself... darn it, why can't everyone grow agaves and yuccas!!!

  2. Everything looks FAB Louis............

    1. Thanks!! I forget how green everything is sometimes. I think I need more variegated yuccas!!! hmm... nursery visit before work maybe?!

  3. Your palms are really inspiring -- so lovely! I too am a big fan of Yucca rostrata and have just one in my garden that is growing quite well, just getting a bit of trunk on it.

    1. Thanks! that is a big compliment from a garden officianado such as yourself!! OH I long for the day when my rostratas have trunks!!!! my yucca rigida has a very small trunk but it was rescued from sure death at the nursery. It was drowning and starting to rot in its nursery pot... Now it is staging a nice albeit slow recovery in my garden!