Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well here's part two of my adventure to Minter Gardens.  I'm afraid I'm all out of agaves today. They only had the ones near the entrance that I showed yesterday.  But, there are just so many treasures to be found around the gardens.

Here's some patriotism sportin' a massive Canadian flag.

They do have a rather large rose garden at Minter Gardens.  I'm sorry, I only took one picture here. It certainly smelled magnificent.

I love flax planters.  These ones have a traditional almost English look to them.

(notice the giant timber bamboo top left?)

I love how this serpentine pathway beckons you forward.

Ferns give it an almost enchanted feel.

hmmm.... Can I take this home with me?!

I absolutely love this!!!  It's almost needed in such a formal space.  I got a good laugh at least.

These bay laurel standards were really beautiful with slightly serrated edges.

And here's where things get interesting.... My beloved dicksonia antarctica.

They have so much presence and personality.

And I love the glow of their feathery fronds.

And here's a really inspired plant palate. The combination of all the green, whites, and orange/red is really stunning.

These sculptures really got my attention.  You obviously can't see it here but they moved so beautifully with the light breeze.  I have seen a few of these now around the coast.  They are absolutely stunning!

More plant art! This dragon was really cool!

Of course made better by the use of echeveria.

Well I hope you all enjoyed part two of the visit to Minter Gardens. If you find yourself "Wackward" in the Fraser Valley it's definitely worth a trip.


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed. I always forget how nice it actually is. I love the feel for scale and form. I find that part of it truly inspiring. I am often very much underwhelmed and disenchanted with the local burb. But you go to placed like this and it restores your hope. I often leave thinking, so everywhere could actually be beautiful and interesting.

  2. Love the dragon and the face pot and the water feature and everything else!

  3. The face pot is a personal fav!!!