Monday, 20 August 2012

Going psychedelic with the hipsta

What a weekend (that's how I start every Monday post!). Like all weekends I found myself Westward into Van for some fun in the sunshine.  On Saturday I went to Theatre Under the Stars' production of The Music Man.  I know this is off topic, but I seriously recommend this to anyone in the Vancouver area.  Unfortunately you will have to wait until next summer as it was the finale, but it's well worth the wait! Fantastic! And whats better is that the Malkin Bowl has some really gorgeous plantings out front.  A few weeks ago I shared some photos from this locale with the large agaves and such.  But things have sure filled in nicely and I thought I would share some psychedelic looking photos I took on the good ole hipstamatic.

With all the flowers filling in this agave looks even more dangerous!!! It's like Jaws, can you hear the music!?! (Can you tell it was just Shark Week?!)

With the hipsta super saturation these echeveria look even more like snow.

Can I just say that I LOVE this combination of flax and colocasia 'black magic' - I NEED more FLAX in my life!!!

Another shark lurking in a sea of foliage!  NOM NOM NOM!

And for the flowery folks.... I'll admit, I love this!

I love shaking up the hipsta and seeing what random settings it generates. Today it was feeling psychedelic. And it's kind of fitting with all the exuberant flowers. How does your hipsta feel today?


  1. Wow man, like that's totally far out. Can't believe that I missed these groovy pictures yesterday. Now all we need is some sitar music and incense...

    1. Love the psychedellic - I am a BC gal after all ;)

    2. YES!!!! It is almost a pre-requisite being from BC and loving the psychedelic side of things.