Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Laugh or cry? Either way I feel the pain.

I saw this and just had to share. Though I find it quite tragic to think that anywhere would have to deal with cold, I got a good laugh out of this. I just hope no palms or succulents were hurt in the outbreak of this "arctic event."  But all jokes aside, I really do feel for the folks of SoCal, I hate cold too!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

First Plant Purchase of 2013

Last week danger garden posted about her first plant purchase of 2013.  It came to my attention that I had not purchased any plants in 2013. Not that this would last long, but I felt it gave me permission to spoil myself. After all, you have to kick off the plant hunting season at some point, right? So when I set off to Vancouver over the weekend, I felt a sense of freedom in my "planty" lusts. This sense of plant indulgence was heightened of course by my observing of some great plants around town. We were walking around Coal Harbour when my friend Becca pointed out some epic succulent containers that had not appeared phased by winter at all! Check out these beauties.... (I wanted to get some close up pictures but was given an evil finger wave from the buildings doorman - darn!)

But seeing such a display of happiness got the plant juices flowing deep down in my heart. I don't often share about my deep love and affection for tillandsias. And up there on my tillandsia plant lust radar is tillandsia xerographica. In fact, I would describe it as the the holy grail of air plants. Unfortunately it often is priced as the holy grail and thus I usually just admire them in the store. But like I said,  the plant juices were flowing... and home came the xerographica! I took this picture in preparations of the weekly Downton Abbey party (hence the silver tea service).

I just love the silvery almost ghost like presence the xerographica adds to tillandisa mix. And I find that buying my first plant of the 2013 season is somewhat momentous. That is because I know I have merely scratched the surface of what will be an epic year! That is coupled with the fact that I have sub-catagorized my first purchase as an "indoor" purchase.  In that way "first"anticipates subsequent indoor lusty plant purchases and sets president for a myriad of sub-categorized multi plant purchasing mania!!! What are your 2013 first(s) plant purchases?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Foliage follow-up PART 2!

This is not the official foliar follow-up frenzy. But when I woke up this morning, the sunlight was beckoning me outside. So in my bare feet and shorts I went outside to admire the the golden rays illuminating some of my favourite plants. You have to experience the garden at all time of day.  It changes with the angle of the sun, and the morning sun is one of my favourite times!  In fact, it felt quite spring like out today.  Everything felt alive with happiness. Spring plants are even starting to come up from their slumber.  And so with this happiness I decided to extend the foliage follow-up by an extra day.  Here's what beckoned me....

The morning glow on yucca 'bright star' always brings a smile to my face.

When the sun shines, I sometimes forget I'm in the "winter garden" mode.

And I'm okay with that sort of denial. After all, there is an eternal summer within me.

My poky friends have summer hearts too.

I love love love this yucca gloriosa variegata.  It always reminds me of rays of sunshine with the ribbons of gold and cream running throughout it.

And how could I forget the bones of my garden, palms!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Foliage follow-up! Going Mediterranean "ish"

That's right, for the January foliage follow-up I'm going Mediterranean "ish."  I can't even express how happy I feel that we are at the January foliar frenzy.  That sounds absolutely absurd coming from me, but I feel as though we have passed a milestone. That is, we are half way and a bit through January! It's as though I've drugged my way half way through the ickiest, nastiest month of all and the end is in sight! And January has been icky indeed. Not so much in terms of rain - surprisingly, but like most years, January kicked us into full winter mode. On the weekend the garden went down to 21.7F. Not a critical cold for most of my plants, but close enough to keep me on edge. But enough of that talk. Lets go Mediterranean "ish" for this foliage follow-up.

 The sun is shining, the palms are happy and subsequently so am I.

Chamaerops humilis always glistens in the evening sunshine. (notice the christmas lights? thats what I refer to as my palm insurance plan!)

Rosemary seemed to shrug off the recent cold quite gracefully. This plant has been kicking around for years and is the most fragrant and amazing of rosemary I have ever had. I LOVE it!

And I couldn't help but share the happy icy blues of yucca rostrata "sapphire skies" hence making this post merely mediterranean "ish." Though, I imagine these are quite common all over the Mediterranean and certainly fit within the theme.

But my pride and joy right now must be my Leccino olive tree. I was worried when it got cold. I thought of my young olive tree, first year in the ground, hard freezes every night for a few days... you get the picture.  I actually didn't go outside to look at it because of the nerves. Is it really hardy?! Happily I can say this plant does just fine with temperatures down into the low 20's even as a young tree. YAY!

So all in all, I am rather ecstatic this January foliar frenzy. And even more so that the days are getting longer, temperatures should start climbing eventually and before long we will be spending endless hours getting dirty in the garden! hooray! If  you're like me and love foliar happiness, head on over to Pam's amazing blog digging for the foliage follow-up.