Friday, 15 February 2013

February bloom day

Wow! February bloom day! Can you believe we are already to February? I have to confess that my bloom day post will be somewhat pathetic because there is hardly anything blooming in the garden - *note to self, winter bloomers* but its more about the promise of what will be. No, not just buds, though I appreciate them, but the promise that next month is the March bloom day! And since March equals spring (at least in my mind) then we are on the eve of winters end! Catch what I'm throwing down? Thats right, its almost over ... the "w" word that is. And things are just starting to show that burst of life.  This pieris japonica is in my favourite stage of its life.  I love how the buds are almost a chartreuse colour.

Ericas all over town are going mental. Since I was a small child I have always anticipated the winter blooming heathers to put on their show. Some of my fondest garden memories go back to picking off the flowers until I had fists full and throwing them into the air.

And one of my most overlooked blooms must go to this sarcococca. Sure its not the showiest of blooms but it certainly lets its presence be known with its intoxicating aroma.

And really, whats not to love about the emerging flowers of a skimmia japonica! These are one of those foundational type plants. They look good year round and require no care whatsoever.

So I rejoice with this February bloom day because the promise of spring just around the corner! I can't wait to get my hands dirty. I can't wait to dream up new projects. I can't wait to just be outside in the spring garden.  Thats what February bloom day means to me!