Thursday, 28 March 2013

It's spring y'all - seasons preface -

That's right, it's spring. I love saying that. But more than saying it, I'm feeling it. I was blessed with the ability to get away for a vacation in Maui this past week, and upon arriving home things were different. In one week it was as though everything woke up from slumber. There's leaves on the trees, blossoms adorning the trees, and lush green lawns. There's a buzz of activity in the air. And while I often complain about rain and cold, I think for the first time in a long time I understood the whole season business. There's a great sense of newness when we cross over from winter to spring. It's as though no matter what season of life we are in, spring signals hope. Spring reminds us of the good things to come. Spring - though a mixed bag - announces that out of the rains comes life. It's sweet. And it was with that sweetness that I simply enjoyed taking time to reflect on this beautiful spring morning. In the midst of this reflective mood, I felt it fitting to share an early spring mixed bag so to speak - a kind of preface I suppose to the months to come.

The movement into spring is perhaps most apparent with the bananas. The march of the bananas as I often refer to it is one of my favourite spring sights. It's one of anticipation and great joy!

There's so much anticipation this year. I can't wait to see how much the scheffster grows.

In fact, I look forward to see how everything grows.

There's a lushness in the air. Perhaps coming back from Hawaii I'm feel thoughts of a lush tropical landscape, but I'm feeling slightly lush this year.

There are early signs of good things to come. Trachys are starting the process of what is always an other worldy bloom. I can't wait!!

Pretty soon all these palms will be alive with blooms!!

Some plants have some growing up to do....

And others are maturing into stately anchors to the garden.

All I know is that I can't wait to watch it all unfold. I can't wait to see all the life, all the growing this little garden will do this year. It might sound lame, but I feel spring is so metaphoric. We sow seeds, we watch things grow, mature ... I feel as though in many way life follows these currents. There's lots of rain, but life abounds. Beautiful things come from it. It's spring! Beautiful things are to come.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Foliage follow-up!!!

The March foliage follow-up is upon us! Yay! I can't believe it. I spoke yesterday of the fact that we have made it through the drudges of the "w" words doom and gloom and spring is upon us. I for one couldn't be happier. This is a milestone of epic proportions. Moving from w(cough)-inter to spring is pure magic. Trees are budding and soon my world will be filled with all the foliar happiness once again. While many anticipate the blooms of the springtime, I anticipate the leaves! I anticipate the tree lined streets forming their glorious canopies. I anticipate the greens and all their freshness!

The spirit of excitement I feel at this time of year is summed up in the electric golds of yucca "bright star." Regrettably my bright star have taken a beating and turn this last week with the torrential showers. They have the yacne look (yucca acne). But they will soon grow out of it.

Aloe aristata lives again! Hooray! This plant just keeps on surprising me. I planted it the first year as a total experiment never thinking it would survive. And now with two winters under its belt it seems happy as can be. (maybe blooms for the may bloom day?!)

 Another glorious surprise is this clump of echeveria glauca. I know they are a little ratty and dirty, but I can't wait to see how this patch of echeveria grows this spring/summer.

And these guys are huddled in the driest spot of the yard. I am so glad we didn't have a PKW (phormium killing winter). Maybe one of these monster phormiums will find a place in the yard?

So I leave you with the joys of foliar happiness to come. For more frenzic foliar excitement head on over to Pam's Digging.

Friday, 15 March 2013

March Bloom Day!!

The March bloom day is special. Why you ask? Technically speaking we are still in the season that starts with "w" and hurts my heart, but March marks the official end. Not just me willing it to end, but officially over. And with the "w" season behind us, we get to look forward to summer!! Amazing right!?

Hellebores are just stunning this time of year. This one is my favourite! If I were to name it, I'd call it "key lime pie!"

 The signs of spring are everywhere! And the smell of sweetness is in the air.

Heathers are electric right now!!!

And while this is not the most exciting of blooms, I feel it captures the essence of spring. Bright green new growth, opening blossoms, iris coming up in the background. We are here! We really made it!!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

let spring begin!

Anyone in the PNW will tell you, we have had some wet weather recently! And if you know me, I don't do rain very well. In fact, I don't really "do" anything other than warm sunshine. I have been wanting and meaning to get out and get planting. This feeling has translated into a need. And today, when I stepped outside the air was warm. I didn't grimace from the cold as per usual. And there was a smell... After my nose investigated for a few moments, I realized, it's spring. With the smell of spring in the air and a day off, my car could only head in one direction ... the garden centre!! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me as it was a frenzy of emotionally charged plant shopping. But the inspiration came to put together a spring planter! I just started grabbing plants as though I'd been locked up in a winter hell. The poor customers and staff (who happen to be co-workers) saw my plant shopping re-creation of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. "My precious!"

And speaking of my precious, this euphorbia "tiny tim" has become an instant favourite! I believe this even counts as a bloom in my garden... too bad I'm a day early.

I love the red centres and chartreuse coloration!

Variegated hebe is another precious of mine. I always thought it was too tender, but I have observed my neighbours plants thrive for the last few years and have been jealous the whole time!

This lithodora "grace ward" should fill out nicely and grace the garden with it's epic blue flowers! The picture makes it look more purple but I assure you, blue.

And then there's the plant adoption tables. You know the ones where the plants look a little bit lonely and sad? That was the state of this euphorbia 'helenas blush.' After some pruning/clean up and finding a new home amongst other euphorbia friends and Mexican feather grass it already seems happier.

 Some variegated lemon thyme for fragrance, some black mondo for sexy ...

 And the inspiration was complete. And as only a true plant nerd could experience, I felt a moment of temporary satisfaction followed immediately by a desire to get the next size bigger pot and a whole new order of plants. Because lets face it, planters are always nicer in pairs! So the planting season has commenced and I leave today with a rather happy TBC (to be continued) ...