Monday, 24 September 2012

I just wont give up.

It's fall some people say. But I can't personally use that "f" word. At least not at this point in time.  And that's really how it feels.  I'm not ready to give in to the fact that summer is over.  I woke up this morning to the glorious sunshine filling the sky.  The air was warm and still.  For a moment I thought, did I sleep through it all? Have I hibernated? Did I really miss fall and winter and spring? Are we back to summer? But then I remember a proclamation I made... "It's the year of summer." A year of summer. Ahhh what I thought.  And okay, I admit, there will likely be rain - lots of rain- , there will likely be frost, there will likely be freezes, there might even be snow (heaven forbid).  But I for one am choosing to live the year of summer.

So the Luau sign remains!

And why not really?! It certainly feels "luauesque"

One nice thing about a palm garden in the autumn is that there are no leaves to clean up and it feels warm

I'm hoping that all my little olives on this tree get to ripen!!!

Bananas agree with me about summer. They just keep on trekking along... this is actually a magical time of year for them. The winds have not picked up to rip up their glorious leaves yet.

If September was the new August, then could October be the new September? Thereby effectively extending summer by one whole month.  Maybe we should reset the calendars to October 22nd being the start of Autumn?

The palm trees certainly wouldn't care.

Nor would the yuccas.

And if September weather continued into late October, then my newly planted chamaerops humilis cerifera would have extra time to settle into his pot. There's an idea!

However I choose to re-imagine the calendar summer season, I do have one thing to look forward to. Next season.  I get to look forward to my Cistus order. I get to look forward to all the new treasures that will come.

But for now, the patio is open! The Luau is on!

And I choose to basque in the glory of an extended summer season. Take that Autumn!!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

born a ramblin' man

Summer has been going strong in the palm garden... plants are growing fast, time is flying by fast, and I find myself with moments of pure joy.  This summer has been a sight to behold. I know it got off to a rocky start - I might have pre-emptively complained too much - but once it got going it ran!  The summer has been full of fun experiences and great time spent with friends both in the garden and out.  I'm starting to sound like I'm getting to my reflective mood.  To tell you the truth, that's exactly it. Reflect.  I guess that's part of who I am.  And in a sense the garden becomes an extension of those reflections.  A reflection of your travels, your current interests, a garden blog, your favourite foods, your dreams.  But then I have to wonder, does the garden become an extension of you, or do you become in a way part of the garden.  Growing with it.  Taking on new characteristics.  Or maybe it's both.  I sometimes wonder these things.

I wish I had some glorious tale of adventure.  I wish I could tour an epic palm garden.  But I suppose today, what I have to share is whats on my heart.  That is muddled.  If muddled is a state of the heart.  As life brings changes, challenges, and new experiences I sometimes feel lost in the mix.  It's actually the garden that feels the most clear sometimes. Sunshine. Palms. Yes please!

And in my state of muddlement, coffee has become an ever present companion. I got quite a kick out of the Parallel 49 Coffee Roasters! "Named after me!" Well not really, but I like to think so.  I whipped out the good ole hipstamatic to document the happy Parallel 49 mug.  I guess the coffee has become important in the ongoing investigation that is the muddlement. What does it all mean?

Really, I don't know. I suppose it's a possible state of anxiousness.  What will I do? Both in the ongoing saga of jobs and possible graduate schools, but also in the sunset on the most magical time of year.  I promised myself I wouldn't fret.  And on the subject of summer, it's still going strong. There's no need to worry - at least for the next few weeks if forecasts are right. But for now the investigation goes on.  And being the year of summer, both in the sense of warmth and of sunshine that I'm willing to continue all Fall and winter, and also in the state of mind I suppose I need not worry.  Maybe the muddlement is a good thing.  Maybe the muddlement is here to remind me.  To remind me to stop and soak it all in.  And maybe the muddlement is that soft fuzzy feeling of sunshine warming your cheeks.

Monday, 17 September 2012

A magical time of year ... plum fever!

Deep down in my heart is the desire to have my very own hobby farm with an incredible orchard. So it's no doubt that I love to visit the local farms to get fruit/produce whenever possible.  And with all this glorious warmth and sunshine, we have the most delicious italian plums ever!

Don't you just want to eat one!?! I love going to the farm and picking right from the tree.

We also got to picking my favourite honeycrisp apples which are in season now (about a week early). There is something so picturesque eh?

Pumpkins seem to be incubating in the glorious sunshine! I almost bought a few of them but decided that I would be sad if I looked at pumpkins.  Unless I carve pumpkin tikis again like last year.

And this certainly evokes the late summer happiness! Corn! Lots and lots of it! Well I hope you all get out and enjoy the sunshine. Pick some apples or a plum! And remember to support your local farmers!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

foliage follow-up

September foliage follow-up is here. To tell you the truth it's almost bitter sweet to me.  If I could hit "pause" and live in the mode of high summer I would love it!  So with that in mind, my heart says savour, enjoy, love, soak it all up.  And that is exactly what I intend on doing. It has been an incredible season and from the looks of it, it shall continue! Hooray!

Savour the sunlight trickling through.

Savour the warm feeling on your cheeks.

Enjoy all the shadows cast.

Enjoy the colours.

Enjoy the textures.

Take a step back and see how things have grown.

Savour all that is September foliage follow-up!  Head on over to Pam's for the rest of the foliage follow-up.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

bloom day

September bloom day is special.  It's the last bloom day of summer, and as far as the season goes, this has to be one of the most spectacular days yet!  We are certainly living the glory days of summer right now. And the garden shows it. I just LOVE summer!

Its a sea of flowers!!!

I really think this is THE year for echeveria blooms. They have been going all spring and summer long! Why doesn't everyone have echeveria for their annuals!?

Keeping with the the same colour pallet is my 'hot tamale' rose.

And the aloes just keep on blooming! I am thrilled with all my aloe blooms this summer. I was worried back a few months ago when the darn squirrels got to my aloes, but little did I know, I would have blooms all summer long!

New guinea impatients have been a bit finicky with the dry weather but have responded positively to a nice watering now and again.

And I now have geranium shrubs....

This has certainly been a stellar summer of bloom day wonderfulness.  I hope that you take time to appreciate all the wonderful colours of the season! And remember, its the year of summer! Expect good things for October!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

One year anniversary

Well it's my blogger one year anniversary. Time has certainly flown by.  When I started this blog, it was certainly with the goal of being nothing more than therapeutic.  I had graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with my bachelor of arts degree and was just lacking any sense of passion, and any sense of clarity. So I thought I would do something for me.  But then it grew into something much more.  I truly feel like I have made wonderful friends more than anything.  Plants the passion and people/friends my joy.  Thank you for that.

I have always acknowledged that I'm no expert. But what I do have is a genuine love of gardening.  And since my namesake is all about the palms I thought for my one year anniversary I would share some happy September SUMMER palm photos.  And what better than with my very first palm.

Things have certainly changed over the years of gardening. This last year brought on many yuccas and agaves. And with the summer we have been having, I'm certainly to have some extra drought tolerance.

Sometimes I wonder, can I really fit in more palms? What will be next?

And then I remember, there's always pots for that!! My phoenix canariensis found its home in a pot.  Though it's not quite hardy enough (but has that ever stopped me?) I simply wheel it into our subterranean unheated shed on the coldest nights of the year.

Looking at treasures like my trachycarpus wagnerianus, I wonder what treasures this next year will bring?  What plant will make my heart stop and break the bank?  Will I start planting flowers again?  Or will new and exciting foliage find its way in as a contrast? Or both?

I can't help but wonder where this coming year of blogging will take me.  I certainly hope to visit my West Vancouver paradise once again.  Maybe I'll make it to Cistus nursery? Or Lotusland - that would be fun.

To be honest, I really don't know where this next year will take me.  All I know is that I'm leaving room for the spontaneous.  I'm leaving room for new and exciting things to happen.  I look forward to it.  I look forward to hearing about everyone else's gardens.  I look forward to continued friendships and new ones.

Thank you all for putting up with my antics. Thank you for putting up with my palm tree rants and my misadventures.  Here's to new adventures and plant lusts!