Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bloom day!

I always said to myself, "if I ever have my plant blog, I want to celebrate bloom day!" So here it is, albeit kinda sad (the rain was starting just as I went out to take some pictures). none the less, my first ever bloom day! how exciting (really don't get any hopes up). 

Captions above or below? I put them above last time, today lets go below....

so my beloved meyer lemon is no more (its a tragic story). introducing calmondin orange!! not my first choice, however, the blooms are prolific!!! smells great!

Echeveria glauca I believe...

unknown sedum

"the little rose that could"

the white flowers are an invasive weed ... planted years ago and have never gone away since.

mmmmmm basil. it makes me want italian food real bad!

hostas!!! There is some serious hosta love going on right now

sorry this one is sideways... some crocosimia in and amongst the hosta, iris and banana jungle

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