Wednesday, 28 September 2011

variegated love

Do certain plants ever exude an extra dose of happiness when you are in the yard?  Well today some of my variegated plants were smiling at me so I thought I would throw a nod out to them.   I'm funny about variegated plants, some just look sickly and not right, and others are little bundles of joy.  heres some variegated love...

Yucca gloriosa variegata.  I love this plant!  Every time I'm at the nursery I pick one up in my hands and tell myself that it should come home with me... maybe next spring... agh am I already saying that ?!

This is a new one for me.  It was one of those no questions, "I am buying this plant" moments. When I walked into my favourite local nursery last winter, it was hanging out with the agaves and cactus!  It's called yucca gloriosa var. recurvifolia "bright star"

This reminds me of the variegated Hebe that I have always wanted... this will have to do

Acuba Japonica. These look ultra tropical for how hardy they are!

variegated hostas never fail to put on a great show!

The next couple of things have nothing to do with variegated plants whatsoever! I just found myself so excited I had to share!  When I was outside I noticed some very happy things... my Tasmanian tree fern that I bought last winter on Salt Spring Island has started to put out a third flush of fronds and my "hardy" gardenia that I just bought is in bloom!!


  1. Great variegated post...I love the idea and you've some great specimens. So tell me more about your tree fern, is it in the ground? How do you over winter it?

  2. The tree fern is fairly new to me. I planted it in the early springtime. I have seen some huge ones around Vancouver and decided to try one out. I have watered it well all spring/summer long and it's in part sun. It has just gone to town since it went in the ground and is working on it's third flush. It is really small though. I plan on protecting it with straw and a cover of somesort if we get those arctic outbreaks... I'm hoping it doesn't happen!