Tuesday, 13 September 2011


For a long time I have had this idea, blogging.  But what do I really have to say?  To tell you the truth, I don't even know.  I do know this, I love gardening.  I love palm trees, exotic looking plants, and even the standard nursery fare.  I hope to share this love.  So here begins the "parallel 49 palms and exotics" blog. My name is Louis and I live just outside of Vancouver B.C. in the Fraser Valley.  We are blessed to have one of the mildest climates in all of Canada (though I'd prefer warmer).  For the most part, we are USDA zone 8a which supports a wide variety of great plants that are not commonly associated with the "great white north!"  Here's some pictures from the yard...

improved meyer lemon

albizzia julibrissin

a couple trachycaprus fortunei and yucca

chamaerops humilis

cordyline australis red sensation, butia capitata, trachycarpus fortnunei

and even more palm trees!

These are some photos from last summer (with the crabby June and July I didn't take too many photos around the yard).  Whenever people come through the yard I get the same question "does that actually grow here!?!" My answer, yes ish.  I do provide some protection to some plants from time to time.  But lets just enjoy summer right now and leave the winter talk to a later date! Stay tuned for updated photos. 

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