Sunday, 18 September 2011

September 18 palm update

So I promised to post some updated palm photos from the garden and was lucky to get a bit of sunlight this morning to take some pics.  This last year was really hard on the garden.  The record cold in November followed by what can only be described as the worst spring ever resulted in things looking a little shabby.  Thankfully August was kind to us and most plants sprung back from their funk.

This beautiful butia capitata has been in the ground for several years now

 The cordyline australis red sensation is a replacement of the one that used to be there.  It was knocked way back from the november cold (despite being wrapped up in mexican blankets!) The original plant did send out off shoots from near the base of the trunk but it was moved to a re-habilitation spot.

 This palm tree below was my first palm tree!! It was just a little seedling... I don't even know how many years ago that was

Phoenix Canariensis... I had serious plant lust when I saw this bad boy at the nursery!!  So I took it home with me! sadly they are not quite hardy enough in the PNW and I didn't want another winter protection project. Ill probably just pull it into the garage during arctic outflow events.

this mediterranean fan palm is in the warmest spot of the garden and clearly likes its digs

My largest palm tree!!! about 10-12 feet tall.

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