Friday, 16 September 2011

Container garden love

Last winter I purchased a copy of Debra Lee Baldwin's Succulent Container Gardens.  Ever since I have been obsessed with great container gardens. Here are some great plantings from Disneyland!! (could it get any better?! The happiest place on earth and succulent containers!!!!)

This one spoke to me in a special way.... "I have one of those agaves!!" it was a kind of "aha" moment. simple and beautiful, something I could even recreate!

Some serious plant lust was going on here.

This one is not exactly all about succulents, but the variegated yucca really stands out nicely amongst the other beautiful plants and textures.

Can I take it home?

I'm pretty sure I was salivating at this one

Could it get any better?!

oh yeah... it can!

Disney clearly lived up to its reputation.... the happiest place on earth for many reasons!

These were all found in the Frontierland area of the park.  They have a great mission themed restaurant loaded with succulents and agaves!  here are a few non-container but equally noteworthy photos from the area...

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