Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Succulents and agaves oh my!!

I don't even know how to best describe my love for succulents.  I find that each one has its own personality if you will.  Some are spiky, some are soft, some are gnarly, and some are just plain cute!! So I though I would share some of my succulent collection with you.  It's still on the small side (though growing at a quick pace!!!)

Agave 'blue glow'

 Agave parryi 'cream spike'

 Aloe aristata... I hope this one is hardy enough outside.... It is in a really protected spot but I might remove one of the little pups on it just for winter insurance!!!

 I think this is a little baby agave parryi ... I really have no clue.  It was $3 at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens plant sale this spring.  I couldn't turn that down!!!!

My attempt at a great succulent pot! The echeveria glauca is king!

more echeveria glauca and two other fun succulents.

Every garden needs sempervivums!! These ones grow so quickly and are hardy!

An Aeonium I named "lucy" :)

Aloe polyphylla!!! I really want to plant this but I'm too chicken to loose it to old man winter.

Finally, agave cornelius! This bad boy rocks!  It screams attitude!


  1. Nice collection! I think maybe your unknown baby from Van Dusen might be an Agave ovatifolia, in which case you got a great deal!!

  2. You are probably right! I have been looking at pictures of baby agave ovatifolia and they do resemble mine a fair bit! I guess I'll have to give it some protection if that's the case. Have you tried agave ovatifolia in the garden?

  3. its funny because I'm pretty sure I was drooling over a large a. ovatifolia just the other day!