Friday, 2 May 2014

UBC Botanical Garden and West End

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting the UBC Botanical Gardens. I didn't have my camera with me (I know, thats a crime), so the iphone has to do. There were some really great things to share! No day at the UBC Botanical Gardens is complete without a visit to the beach - that's where my day started. This is a view I'll never get tired of. With blue skies, sunshine, and a view of the San Juan and Gulf Islands, it takes my breath away. (Disclaimer: in warm weather there are naked people everywhere)

It's a short but tiring hike up the hillside to the gardens. I stopped for "photos" - In all actuality I had to catch my breath!

The gardens are filled with so many gems. I could go on and on, but I'll save some for my return visit (this time I'll bring the good camera). Here are a couple of my favourites from the garden ...

 Here's where things got really interesting! These yucca schottii are absolutely stunning. There are actually three here (one in behind). It makes me feel like I'm somewhere in the southwest. I need one of these. or two. or three.

The legendary UBC agave parryi look perfect! Heck, mine don't even look this nice in August.

The gardens really transport you. Here, I'm lying under a sea of eucalyptus trees.

This stunner is eucalyptus coccifera. These were for sale last year at a local nursery. If I'd seen this tree before then I certainly would have bought one! WOW!

I forgot which variety of manzanita this was, but it's a fine example of a drought tolerant garden alternative. I'm determined to get some manzanita when I'm done reclaiming the rest of the ivy jungle portion of the yard.

On the way out of UBC I had to snap one last picture! 

This sculpture along English Bay summed up my facial expression after visiting the UBC Botanical Gardens.

Truth be told the day felt like a vacation. This last picture of a eucalyptus (gunnii?) in the downtown West end really sums up the feeling. With all the eucalyptus, spiky plants, and palms it felt reminiscent of SoCal and I LOVED IT!


  1. Beautiful! Some day I must visit this magical garden!

    1. you would love it, Peter! let me know when you do, I'll be happy to tag along. There's also Southlands nursery nearby which is always a treat to visit!