Friday, 18 May 2012

Beach Day, White Rock BC

With all this sunny weather it was only a matter of time before a beach day was in order.  For me, that means White Rock BC.  It's a special kind of place with fantastic fish and chips, ice cream (or in my case coconut gelato), wonderful coffee, and of course lots of palm trees!

You can see some small chamaerops humilis that are doing really well.  I believe these are the pups from a larger palm that was damaged back in the 2008 Snowmageddon.  They are coming along nicely.

This beachside planting always brings me joy.

But this house I have claimed as my own.  It has a mediterranean kind of feel and of course is surrounded by palm trees.

The view looking towards the Canadian Gulf Islands and US San Juan Islands.

There's something so soothing about breathing in the ocean air.  Especially with an ice cream cone in hand...

This yellow home with palm tree has a South Beach feel to it.

There are rows of homes with towering palms ... albeit a little ratty from the wind.
White Rock actually has been used as a stand in for Santa Barbara in the TV show Psych.

Bring on Beach Season!


  1. That is nice. Something about the plantings in beach towns...not the same as Pacific Beach in San Diego, but some common threads, too. Your scens resemble UK-meets-California. (and BC is either British Columbia or Baja California!)

  2. You are so right with the UK meets California. When I was in England last year I was so impressed with their gardens. We re-create some of that but with a west coast informality. Now if only our coastal regions had those rare UK zone 9b/10a beach havens. Then it would most definitely look like Baja!