Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hanging Tillandsias

I found these great hanging pots at Southlands Nursery the other day and had to share them.  Not quite as fab as potted's circle pot  but somewhat cirlce pot - esque.  They had them in green, grey, and apparently at one point in time red (envious).  Anyways, they are the perfect vessel to display some tillandsias this summer.  Who needs baskets when you can hang tillandsias?!

All of the tillandsias seem to be loving the humid air. In fact, everything feels quite lush today.  While I have by no means satisfied my solar requirements I suppose it's nice to not water anything today.

If you're anywhere in the vicinity of Southlands they had a few left for under $10.


  1. Funny...I bought three of these (different shapes) last winter at Digs here in Portland...and when I bought them I did so thinking they were economical version of the Circle Pot.

    1. That's awesome! Just think, now you have both!!! They are fun. I think I am vaguely remembering this come to think of it. I just love them.

    2. I went hunting through your posts and how could I forget... The wonderful sempervivum planter!!!! You clearly were speaking to my subconscious. There was no way I was leaving southlands without these. Did you get all three at digs?!

  2. Yes I did...they had white too but I was afraid that white would be too stark in my garden. I've yet you plant mine up but they are hanging under the shade pavilion. You may have provided the perfect excuse to buy more Tillandsia!

  3. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooL!