Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cedar Rim Nursery adventures...

A few months ago I posted some rainy day photos from a visit to Cedar Rim Nursery.  Well I had an amazing reason to go back this weekend for some nursery fun... Jamie Durie!  He was giving a talk on his book and TV show The Outdoor Room.  Jamie was excellent!  He spoke much about the need to reclaim the yard so to speak.  That is to say, make things functional.  Create spaces and gardens that are used and enjoyed (as opposed to pumping fertilizers and heavily watering to have the best lawn).  I particularly loved when he said, "your garden is a growing investment."  To me, greater excuse and rationale for moments of plant purchasing temptations - "Yes!"

I loved this plant combo.  If only I could reliably grow that podocarpus "icee blue." There were a few too many zone 9 temptations to be healthy...

like this.... and then I get to thinking... maybe in a beautiful pot somewhere on the patio.

A pose with Jamie Durie.  Who knows, maybe one day we'll work together... The outdoor room design duo?  All his California sunshine makes me look a little extra pasty than normal. We need more sun!!!!

This is "my section" of the nursery... and this is only one of many isles of palms

What's this?  I think Cedar Rim dissected my brain and made it a part of the nursery. "I'll take... everything!" - I wish!

I took a photo of the flax house but could not go inside.  It's rare that I step foot into this greenhouse without spending money.

The nursery really just goes on and on and on... 

Plants for every kind of gardener and for every kind of site.

I have been keeping my eye on this palm for over a year.  If it were not for the price, this Jubaea Chilensis would be mine!

Magnolia Grandiflora "teddy bear" I believe.  It baffles me why we don't see more of these planted.  Hardy, evergreen, beautifully flowers, beautiful foliage... need I say more.

Danger! this section is always fun.

Cedar Rim recently underwent major renovations and has a true boutique nursery feel.

Some of the main displays.

I really liked these branches with hanging terrariums

But much to my surprise... the real temptation was this mustardy yellow pot and "emerald wave" bay laurel.


  1. What a fun nursery visit! I wish I were rich and could take all my cool blog friends on big shopping sprees at their favorite nurseries...everything you wanted there would be yours!

  2. It was fun indeed! Thanks for the warm wishes! Blogger garden shopping sprees would be epic! I think we should write a zone denial guide to subtropicals in the pnw, get rich, and then go on a shopping spree.