Sunday, 13 May 2012

Moments of weakness...

What happens when I have spare time on my hands?  That is, when you forget about that list of things you ought to do but really want to put off.  Well for me, "I go for a drive."  That is code for meandering around from garden centre to garden centre just to "look."  This usually turns into getting one of those wonderful nursery carts and selecting plants to "think" about purchasing.  You tell yourself, you don't really have room for another tree, and that you shouldn't really spend any money.  This is followed by unloading and loading plants in and out of your cart.  Eventually you convince yourself that you have talked about getting said plant and really owe it to yourself.  Before long you've been stopped by several nursery employees ... "are you sure there's nothing we can help you with?"  And then you find yourself loading your plant purchases into the back of your car.  Am I the only one?

This is the story of my new Loquat tree!!!  I place this wonderful blame on the sunshine...


  1. Oh...good choice! Loquats are FABULOUS!

    (oh and I do the same thing...minus the part about going for a drive, everyone knows where I'm going, why pretend?)

  2. I know! I couldn't resist. For some reason, you really don't see loquats for sale all that often here. Only early in the season and they sell out pretty quickly. How fast do they grow for you guys? I have this one in a big pot for now and I'm not sure if it should stay that way or not.

  3. Mine aren't growing all that fast maybe five new leaves per branch in the spring?