Monday, 21 May 2012

Pacific Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society Sale / Phoenix Perennials

On Saturday I was able to attend the Pacific Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society (PNWPEPS) plant sale.  I had been debating on whether or not to go.  Of course every part of me wanted to see what wonderful things I could find.  On the other hand, there was that fear of losing all sense of control and spending way too much money.  With the sun shining the latter seamed highly probable.  That coupled with the fact it was being hosted at Phoenix Perennials - plant mecca - I knew there would be temptations.  But would that stop me, of course not!

From the moment I walked in and saw these needle palms I knew I was in for a treat! Needle palms are just not seen in these parts.

Now this is something I have been contemplating purchasing for quite some time.  I love the blue green colour of chamaerops humilis cerifera.  I can see it all potted up in a beautiful terra cotta... Remember my dreams of a mediterranean overhaul?!  Do you ever notice how when you've been thinking about buying something you somehow pre-condition yourself to spending the money?!

I found myself saying similar things of pretty much all the plants... "oh I want that!"

I was able to pass on the true tropicals like these coconut palms... But as for agave medio picta alba, that is a little harder. I didn't buy one and have been regretting it.  Next time.

It's nothing new that I have a thing for tree ferns.  I think its all in the drama.

These Dicksonia Antarctica had me stopped dead in my tracks... and only $30! I love plant society sales!

I was so taken away with all the many treasures I might purchase at the sale that I had to walk around Phoenix Perennials to ponder my plant lusts.  Naturally I found myself rummaging through these wonderful agaves.

I had never seen this before ... yucca gloriosa "lonsestar."  I usually have my phone with me so I can do some impromptu plant investigations but I forgot it.  So I passed on these with the adage "next time."

This ... wow! What's better than one trachycarpus? Two! They actually came in clumps of three which was aesthetically much more pleasing.  Phoenix Perennials gained "legit" status in my books for this one.

I think they were speaking to me here with the hesperaloe, chamaerops, and agave medio picta alba!!!  It's like something from my happiest dreams.  I even love the pots!!!

I really wish I could say I purchased this.... It would be right at home with my new agave bovicornuta.

Wow. I think thats all I can say ...

Speaking of drama....

I can't say enough about the wonderful people I met at the plant sale.  I have followed the PNWPEPS for a few years now but have never been apart of it.  This year I took the plunge! I can truly say I look forward to getting to know such knowledgable and passionate people.  That and I somehow feel much more legitimized in my palm craziness.

So what did I buy at the sale?! You'd be surprised to hear that I was incredibly disciplined.  I managed to go home with just one of the Dicksonia Antarctica.  Here it is all planted up.

This spot was actually the home of my other tree fern that was moved down by the bananas.  This one is much bigger and can be better appreciated here.

I was given a tip from a society member that tree ferns love regular feedings of fish fertilizer!  Apparently dicksonia antarctica can put on several inches of trunk when given regular feedings of fish fertilizer throughout the growing season.  I got some epically nasty smelling bio fish fertilizer.  So bring on that fishy stank!!!


  1. You showed amazing AMAZING restraint. I am impressed. I love the long fronds on your tree fern...much longer than either of mine. Will you wrap it in the winter? I still haven't taken the plunge and planted one in the ground.

    As for the other photos you've shared, wow! What a fabulous selection of plants at the nursery. Is this one close to you?

    1. It's soo funny because I had told myself $30! so when I read your post yesterday I laughed so hard. it was the magic number!!!

      I think I will wrap this one in the winter. It was grown from a man in North Vancouver who has quite a few large ones from what I understand. When I saw how long and lush those fronds were I knew there was no way I could pass on this.

      As for the other plants, I'm really really kicking myself. I'm forming a rather long list of must haves. The nursery is in Richmond which is a bit of a pain to get to but really not much more than 1 hour from here. But I already have plans for a fascicularia bicolor, dyckia, puya, agave bracteosa, trachycarpus latisectus ... oh the list could just go on! Now that I feel like I'm dreaming ill add one of those hesperaloes to the list as well!!!