Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wacky Trachy Wednesday

Some things in life must be treasured.  Whenever I see trachycarpus blooms that's how I feel.  With their creepy lobster claw-like arms stretching out to from their trunks, whats not to love?  It's such a weird and wonderful sight to behold.  I have been holding my breath this year hoping for just one palm to be female so I can get trachy babies!  Around here, typically female palms are a few weeks behind males.

Early on in their bloom cycle its hard to tell, but once the flowers are completely opened up a male will drop pollen when lightly shaken.  I'm guessing male.

My largest palm has been flowering for years now and is a male.

But whats this?! could it be?! A palm tree much farther behind the others?  Still too early to tell, but possible.

This one is way behind the others as well! That means possibilities.  Another tell tale sign of a female trachy is a more upright flower stalk. Could this be what I've been waiting for all along!? Again it's still to early to tell but there are more reasons to be hopeful.

 So I know this is cheating, this one is a chamaerops but equally weird and wonderful.

Check out these claws!  At this stage I could even paint fish faces on those bloom stalks and they would look like parrot fish.  In just a few short days they will reveal their secrets... I hope this is the elusive female trachy I have been waiting for!

 These palms never cease to amaze me.  Have a happy wacky trachy wednesday!


  1. You've got some amazing trees there! Just how many? And how old/tall is your oldest?

    Hope you get the girl you've been dreaming of! (hehehe, that was fun to say)

    1. Thanks - I think they're pretty fantastic! I think I have 11 windmill palms, 1 mediterranean fan palm, 1 canary island date palm, and 1 pindo palm. The oldest windmill has been in the ground for 5-6 years I think. It's becoming a monster. With its fronds it's probably nearing 10 feet tall. It has a crazy fat trunk. I need to get a picture to show scale better. So funny but I do kinda feel like a proud palm parent.

  2. I'm envious of your palms, I have gone thru 3 and will not buy anymore. They are just not for me I guess. Congratulations on yours!!!!!!

    1. Thanks. That is tragic to hear about your palms ... I'm perplexed as Portland should be a very favourable palm growing location. Areas west of here grow them like weeds. However, some were lost in the 2008 cold spell. Are you in a windy location? I know parts of town here where you simply could not grow healthy palms because of winter wind.