Tuesday, 15 May 2012

may bloom day

What a weekend! The sun has been shining, temperatures in the upper 80's, people flocking to garden centres ... it's May!  But I should preface this bloom day post by saying that some are may "almost in bloom day" photos...

Like this Arbequina Olive tree.

Mediterranean Fan palms are sending out flowers this time of year.  It looks like some sort of creepy growth at this point.

Rhodos definitely are putting on a show.  This one is my favourite.  It's one of the more tropical looking of the bunch.

This one right next to it has a blue tinge to the foliage and a darker pink/red color to the flowers.

Windmill Palms are about to put on a show.  This is one of three flowering Trachycarpus fortunei.  I just hope that one is a female.  My largest palm has been flowering for years but is a male.  Fingers crossed....

My newly planted Leccino Olive tree has a few tiny flower buds...

Aloe blooms from a succulent bowl...

The neighbours clematis grows over the fence and flowers on our side.  I'm not complaining but you can't help but feel kinda bad.

Hellebores just keep on giving.  I love watching the color go from a soft white in early spring to this beautiful lime green.

And last but not least ... blossoms on my peach tree!!

Happy May bloom day everyone!


  1. Hi Louis! I almost showed a pic of my O. arbequina today, too, as it's at about the same stage as yours.

    I didn't know there were male and female palms...what happens when they "get together"? Is that when those cool black berries happen?

    Lovely to see your aloe flower: For sheer dry glamour, it's a toss-up between aloe or yucca flower spikes in my book. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Well maybe a foliage follow-up olive shout out?! I love them! This is turning out to be a fantastic olive year! Such warm temperatures early on is just what I have been hoping and praying for.

    The palms do produce fruits when the male and females get together. Subsequently there will hundreds of palm seedlings in the years to come around the bases of the palms. Folks up this way either weed them out (probably having no idea why they have soo many "weeds" all of a sudden), or just let them naturalize. I was wrong about having three palm trees in bloom, today I noticed another one is blooming! With increased odds I'm pretty sure one will be a female.