Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bloedel Conservatory

After the Van Dusen Botanical Garden plant sale I had the privilege of visiting the Bloedel Conservatory.  Over the past few years this has been somewhat of a controversial place in Vancouver.  Rumours of its closure have circulated for years but thankfully this gem in the heart of the city remains open.  I have a thing for places like this.  Actually, I have threatened for years to build a giant tropical biodome to keep out the cold (and the cold lovers).  For now ... Bloedel will do.

Do you ever imagine what your garden would look like if you lived in the tropics?  Some nice bromeliads would be near the top of my list.

I love the way newly emerging banana leaves are lime green in the light.

Dicksonia antarctica ... it's actually shocking how many plants I saw in the conservatory that I have outside in my garden. Maybe troubling is the right word ...

Is that what I think it is?!

I was so distracted by the small agave hiding in the background that I didn't see this right in front of me. I felt like a tool.  "Look, I found an agave!"

More agaves!

My beloved bougainvillea

*sigh* oh to live in a tropical biodome ...


  1. Beautiful space, will have to visit someday.....

    1. It's certainly an enjoyable outing. It's not overly large but definitely worth a visit... especially on a rainy day!

  2. I wasn't sure what to expect on our visit...but it was very enjoyable, even though large areas were blocked off for maintenance (why can't that be done after hours?) what I found most remarkable was the desert section growing under the same dome as the lush jungle tropicals. How do they do that?

    1. thats too bad they had maintenance... I agree, there must be better times for that. It is really incredible the plant diversity all under one dome. It was built in 1969 so they have had some time to work out a system I suppose. All I know is that I'm such a supporter of places like this in our communities.