Friday, 1 June 2012

Communities in transition - Mt. Pleasant Vancouver

In parts of Vancouver like Mt. Pleasant, front yard makeovers are becoming more and more common.  The communities are in a kind of transitional change.  Older homes are undergoing facelifts so to speak and really changing the face of this community itself.  These small changes can be seen as representations of changes within the community at large.

I really enjoyed this modern facelift.  Hebes and flax anchor the planting...

You can see how it is a bit jarring beside the neighbours.  This odd conundrum is only made worse by contrasting all the different and competing facades.  But then again, perhaps it is a mere representation of the neighbourhood itself - diverse.

 Either way, there is no doubt I love the plants chosen in this re-model.  It has a fresh urban feel.

This one has a more woodland kind of feel to it.  I love all the different foliage combinations and the river rock look.

Another take is the historic look.  I love the old character homes in and around Vancouver!  Perhaps the key to performing this well in this kind of neighbourhood is a kind of hybrid style.

The little cafe at St. George really understands this.  It combines modern, rustic, and historic elements to create an unique oasis right in the centre of this neighbourhood.

Who doesn't want to cuddle up and enjoy a nice cappuccino in this setting?

I certainly did!


  1. I'd like any of these to be my neighbors, especially the first one.

  2. Agreed! The first house stops me every time I pass by. We could surely use some neighbours to think about their yards a little bit more!