Thursday, 7 June 2012

What are your plant lusts?

What do you do when it rains without ceasing?  I dream of plant purchases. I was asking myself this question today - Self, what plants are you lusting after this year?  It's all about focus.  You have to get that instinctive plant radar up and running.  I tried to think of a top ten.  If I could buy ten plants this summer that would revolutionize everything what would they be!? Here's my top ten in descending order.

10. Agave bracteosa - I have finally found a good source ... now the problem is and remains the sticker shock.  But I have the perfect home, sitting empty in wait for my beloved agave.... maybe this weekend. (this plant would be much higher on my list if not only for the fact it is well within my reach)

9. Brahea Armata - This one is a completely new addition to the list.  This palm was completely off of my plant lust radar until I saw one in the flesh a couple of weeks ago... one word, stunning!

8. Chamaerops humilis cerifera - do I need to say anything more?!

7. Sabal Minor - Oh how I dream about conquering the ivy jungle in the northwest corner of the yard and creating a whole new garden space.  These could go in as the new "palm shrubs"

6. Fascicularia bicolor - I was given the idea of "planting" these in the crux of my trachycarpus fortunei ... and then I thought about the boots of butia capitata.  Not to mention having some bromeliads around always makes things happy.

5. Agave havardiana.

4. Trunking yucca rostrata - I already have two of these bad boys in the yard but it appears I simply must have one with a trunk.

3. Jubaea Chilensis - This one I have seen repeatedly over the years but sticker shock always wins out.  Actually, with this plant its not sticker shock.  It's more or less the fact that I would get a giant - declined - If I ever tried to purchase it.  I suppose that's a good thing.  It keeps me in check - for now I will admire them from a distance.

2. Nolina La Siberica - Can some nursery finally order this plant in!?! It's actually a conspiracy I think.  I have scoured the Fraser Valley looking for this treasure.  It is nowhere to be found.  That being said, I was told next spring I could get one if I'm patient... this could be a long wait.

1. Cordyline Indivisa - the real deal indivisa not the thousands of mislabelled nursery pots "cordyline indivsa."  Again after seeing this plant in the flesh at the West Vancouver garden mecca I am on the hunt. This one will be a little next to impossible to find.

What about y'all? What plants are on your plant lust radar this year?!  Happy plant hunting...


  1. Good choices! For me, it would be about more than plants for myself, but others in my region, since our nurseries are a bit weak.

    Mine is to own a great nursery, specializing in native and adapted trees, woody and succulent plants, with a few tougher perennials. It would be full of 10-15' tall character Arbutus xalapensis, Leucanea retusa, Cercocarpus, Quercus (of course), countless 1-15 gal Arctostaphylos pungens, Garrya wrightii, Agave bracteosa, and Nolina lindheimeri. To start:-)

    1. Oh that is very similar to my dream! I would LOVE to own my own nursery. It would have to be smallish to feel cozy but big enough to have a production area and the largest selection of palms and hardy subtropicals this side of the border. I would specifically highlight drought tolerant plants that are both hardy and can handle our winter rains. I've already decided that if my dream ever comes true these water wise plant sales would have a portion of the profits go to digging clean water wells for places in need around the world. I would also want an in house design team on hand and to host a yearly design expo and of course plenty of showcase gardens

  2. I would love to visit your dream nursery!

    I think my lust list would mainly involve the discovery of new to me plants...just today I bought three, which I am very excited about! (more on that soon).

    1. oh that sounds fun too! new to me plant lusts are always really exciting! I can't wait to see what three new plants are joining the danger garden ... I gather much inspiration from your plant hunting finds.