Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Counting down to summer

The countdown to summer is on and I for one can't wait. This "spring" - if that's what we call it - has been rough on my garden fervour. With all the rain and cool weather things have been feeling quite neglected. The weeds are a little larger than normal, the grass seems to get a little longer, and I have been curled up inside by the fireplace with blankets. But I feel as though I owe everyone an apology.  You see, I bought a solar lantern the other day which I'm sure is the reason why we have seen so little sun.  Maybe we all need to do some umbrella shopping? That is sure to bring out the sun!

Just one more week until calendar summer!! We are almost there! If we can figure out how to get the weather to cooperate we will be set.


  1. It's the same here. Right now I'm watching drizzle accumulate on the window. Must be because I planted that Better Boy tomato yesterday...sorry!!

    1. Dont worry, I have faith that this will all turn around! The Luau signs are out in the backyard, I'm planning an agave buying expedition, and the weather people promised me sunshine! I certainly hope and pray and long for nasty hot summer days. You know the kind where people start complaining. And then I get to say, "the hotter the better!"


    Palms, Agaves, and Cactus. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Looks like we share some common interests.