Saturday, 16 June 2012

foliage follow-up

I never know which plants to highlight for a foliage follow-up.  But there are just certain ones that demand your attention.  Yucca gloriosa variegata comes to mind.  This has become a new staple for me.  A "go to" plant so to speak.

I know this one is on the verge of being bloom day esque but I couldn't resist.

Leccino olive ... is that what I think it is?

Yucca rostrata 'sapphire skies' is my newest plant love!

I love how when the sun hits them, they glow!  The only problem I foresee is an insatiable desire to purchase more and more of these gems.

Making its second foliage follow up appearance is this wonderful variegated hosta.  I don't know what the variety is called but it is one of the most vigorous in early spring for me.

The Shefster loving his new home. Sometimes I have to pinch myself... do I really have one of these?

Bananas are starting to put on some good size.  In a few short weeks this will look like a jungle.  Another must have plant for a PNW garden in my opinion.

Who could resist these luscious leaves?  If you are really adventurous you can even try cooking with them!

I can't say enough about Fatsia Japonica.  Not only do they look ultra tropical, but they are also super low maintenance.  Few plants looks this good year round.

Why do I only have one bamboo?!? I forget how much I love this thing.

These things are getting huge.  They kind of remind me of dino food.  If I were a longneck dinosaur - like Little Foot in The Land Before Time - I would munch on hostas for a snack!


  1. The variety of foliage you have really shows the mix of desert to woodsy to semi-tropical you are able to pull off. Since I have clients, and each becomes my garden in a way, I should try to see which of above will work! My genetics key in on the olive and can linger for a while...but my surroundings key in on that powdery coating on the yucca foliage. Nice!

    1. Thanks! We really do take for granted the variety of plants we can grow. While my true love is for semi tropicals and desert plants I just like to think in terms of zones within the yard. Because of the hillside and all the large trees, things really dry out in the summer. Believe it or not, water is incredibly expensive here so it's good to think of mediterranean like plants that can handle winter moisture and summer drought.

  2. I'm envious of your dino food -- would love to grow hostas here, but they melt. Lucky you that you can have both temperate and desert plants in your wonderful growing climate. That Yucca rostrata really is great -- one of my faves too. And yes, you do need a 'Margaritaville' yucca. :-)

    1. Can you believe it that I have never seen those margaritaville yuccas for sale up here!? One day. I guess our difficulties with desert plants don't limit us like your summer heat with temperate plants. I never really think about that.

  3. That fatsia is amazing... I didn't realize that the leaves were so glossy! So pretty. :-)

    1. Thanks. Fatsia are some of my favourite plants. They are quite common up this way and I think often times overlooked. That one has become an anchor plant for me. I just love it!