Tuesday, 26 June 2012

walk around the burb

So I was having quite the day last week.  Thinking that there was absolutely no hope for any gardeners in this here town, I thought I would go on somewhat of an impromtu plant safari.  I should preface this to say that I had just visited 4 nurseries around town without any plant lust! WHAT?! Either I went to all the wrong places, or nurseries are feeling the FUNK of this colder than cold Junuary weather.  I was so upset by my lack of plant lust that I exclaimed profanities about living in the "armpit of the world" (I don't mean any offence; I can tend to be quite dramatic).  I needed to find some inspiration!  And while being very, very nil, I did stumble upon a few gems.

This grouping of timber bamboo and yucca gloriosa superba (I believe) was a definite winner.  Albeit somewhat ratty, I was very happy to see such a bold planting.  I really should have snapped a few more pictures but there seemed to be some weird exchanges going on across the street and I hurried myself along.  The yuccas actually had nice trunks to them.  I'll have to go back and pay this garden a visit.

And of course how could I not include a palm!? I absolutely love this palm tree!  Behind all of the other plants is a house built in a quasi Spanish Mediterranean style.  So what better than a palm tree! They are definitely on the right track with this one.  Imagine the very front by the house number replaced with an opuntia patch!  Would it be bad to guerilla garden that in?  Just so happen to drop an opuntia pad?
So I did manage to find some hope. "Some." And all that is to say, no, it's not the armpit of the world, but with all this rain and cold I feel justified in my usage of arm pit.  Equally nasty, smelly (liquid manure on the farms), and just down right dank.  I leave you with a rendition of "Where are you Christmas" from the The Grinch:

"Where are you summer?
Why can't I find you?
Why have you gone away?
Where is the warmth that, 
you used to shine down?
When are you here to stay?
I cannot take this this.
My heart is breaking.
Won't you please visit me!?"


  1. That first shot with all the bamboo and yuccas is stunning to say the least. If only that home would take out the golden arborvitae, and replace with some potted yucca (or hesperaloe), that would be even better.

    I hope your Junuary turns into a warm to hot, sunny July-Sept.

    1. I LOVE the bamboo and yuccas! its such a great combination there! I agree with you on those arborvitae though. The house is actually really beautiful too and something like a nice potted yucca could better show off some of the architecture and tie into the overall aesthetics and style a bit more.

      As for the Junuary.... it seems to be more of a common trend the last few years. It seems late summer and into fall has been the truly best time of year for us. Some of us actually have had problems with it being too warm into November because plants are not hardening off in time before our first real cold that seems to always come at the end of november/beginning of december.

  2. seriously, if you think the Fraser Valley is the armpit of the world, you should get out more.

    1. All in jest. Don't worry, I do actually love it. I have been to and seen some incredibly "real" places to say the least. I more than understand we are incredibly fortunate and are surrounded by insane beauty that I do in fact appreciate more than I can express in words. It's more or less a response of my sadness over the junuary weather this year - thats all.

  3. Today's forecast was for partly sunny skies and low 70's. The reality? I don't think we passed 67 and there was rain, a lot of hard falling rain. Oh when will this stop??? I feel your pain, I really do.

    1. It was same deal here. I believe it will change. I desperately want to have a hot sunny day to fall into plant buying bliss. I was thinking of a summer getaway just in case. Maybe San Diego?!? It's at least fun to dream about it.